Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of getting your website to rank higher in search engines like google, yahoo and bing There are two aspects to search engine optimization The first is On Page Optimization which involves tweaking your website so thatthe content is more relevant and search engines are able to see the keywords that are in yourwebsite The second is Off-Page Optimization when you get other websites to link to you anduse the right anchor phrases so that the search engines believe that your web site has the authority to rank well for a keyword Now, if you've been anywhere in this industry you'veprobably gotten a lot of spam emails from search engine optimization companies aroundthe world guaranteeing #1 rankings that is BLACK HAT SEO.

Black Hat SEO is when a website follows slightly unethical tactics and promises too much in order to get your account White Hat SEO, on the other hand.

is Search Engine Optimization that is ethical, legal and okay and okay in the eyes of search engines likegoogle, yahoo and bing today to this video we'll talk about the differences between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO let's start by talking about page titleswhich are the most important thing when it comes to on on page SEO.

good titles are attractive, clean and short.

Usually less than sixty five characters they contain your target keyword just once and they are not stuffed with keywords.

and they focus on grabbing the attention ofthe user and getting the click bad page titles on the other hand are stuffedfull of keywords they are not complete sentences and read likegibbrish to humans.

Restrictions and because they're not designed for us toread, they get a very bad click through rate although they're designed to trick search engines in reality they usually get caught as spam and the site ends up, not being ranked another thing that can help or hurt your rankings is user experience badly optimized sites are often built aroundthe wrong keywords and that's why users are just not interested site owners may think that users are happy onthis site but in most cases web stats will show themthe users's disappointment and finally, badly optimized try hard to beaggressive and pushy and that always leads to visitors leavingand the site owner being very, very sad optimized sites focus on good use experience visitors quickly find what they're lookingfor there's plenty of great content built around keywordsand excellent navigation makes it easy to find and these sites are rewarded by having a friendlyinteractive relationship with their visitors these sites help users find the right information and they get loyal happy visitors in return next up let's talk about on page optimisation you could smell a badly optimize page fromfar away because it is so full of keywords the keyword density of the page is extremelyhigh and the content is very hard for humansto read.

well optimized sites carefully include keywords and phrases into your existing text so that humans can read and like the message your site's text can communicate your businessmessage while occasionally including keywords forsearch engines remember to keep the focus on the user anddon't overdo it with the keywords Ethical and effective link building involves building a real network of linksaround your site getting links that don't just focus on SEO but bring in real visitors and clients you should get links from your customers, businesspartners, vendors and peers search engines will recognize your authorityand give you a boost in rankings if your priority is building a network of topicalnatural links In Black Hat link building, website owners slink into some shady corner of the internet through a spam email, a pop-up link or an unranked ebay vendor's site desperate for a good ranking, they will doanything to get a bunch of incoming links including paying for links which is a pretty serious crime in the world of search engine optimization after they've paid up, the vendor willpretend to do some work but all users really get are blog comments,forum links and other links that get absolutely no traffic and website owners forget that it is the qualityof the link that matters, not the quantity all the websites you see ranking on top of google and bing, consistently have gotten there through hard work, and lotsand lots of time so there is no quick fix for shortcut toranking on top but there is a way and that involves makingyour website cleaner, more indexable and full of richer content so if search engine optimization is somethingyou are looking at make sure you allocate the time and resources to add to your website, make it richer anddo it consistently over time.

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