Price Psychology and Online Marketing

Hi! In this quick video, I want to showyou five simple things in price psychologythat you can use to make your prices seem more attractive.

Let's get into it.

Number 1.

Ego pricing.

In one crazy study,researchers were able to match prices to people's birthdays and foundthat it increased purchase likelihood.

They offered a pasta dinner for $39 and in the description, they just toldpeople about what that dinner would entail, but when it came to presenting theactual price that people would pay to get this pastadinner, they got a little tricky.

For some people, they changed the price alittle bit so that it matched their birthday.

So if the participant was an April 15thbaby, well then, the cost of the pasta dinnerwould be $39.


When it came time for them to say howlikely they would be to purchase this pasta dinner, the people who saw a price with theirbirthday in it reported 23% greater likelihood of purchasing thatproduct.

Just 'cause it matched their birthday! Number 2.

The comma effect.

In another study,researchers did something really simple.

They just presented people with pricesthat either had commas in them or not.

So for example, the price $1,342 to some people would look like this.

and other people would look like this.

And the question is: "does that changeanything about how they perceive the price?" Yes, it does.

Turns out that when therewas a comma in the price, people perceived it as being 11% bigger, relative to the non-comma price.

So keep those commas out of your pricesif you wanna make it look a little bit lower.

Number three.

The"relative size effect.

" Let's say you wanted to discount yourproduct.

You would show people what the price used to be.

and then show them what the price is now.

But how do you present those prices? Well, some research has looked at whetheryou should make the sale price really big to draw people's attention to it or make the sale price really small.

Because after all, you want people to think it's a small number, relative tothe original price.

And what they find is that the versionwhere it's really small is the optimal version.

People reportgreater purchase likelihood when they present the sale price inrelatively small font because it signals people to think of itas a smaller number.

Number 4: Consolidated Surcharges Let's say you have a product, and youhave to charge an additional fee for shipping and handling and a further additional fee for tax.

What do you do? Well, the research shows that rather thanleave those two surcharges separate–like this [see video], you should combinethem together into one lump surcharge, even if it looks as thoughthat surcharg is bigger.

Finally, Number 5 — high five! –The Descending Order Effect In one study, some researchersinfiltrated a bar.

If only all researchers could be so lucky.

What they did is for an eight-week periodin the bar, they just got them to use differentbeer menus every other week.

On some weeks, they would list the beerson the menu in ascending order, from the least expensive beer down to the mostexpensive, and on other weeks, they would listthe beers in the opposite order, starting with the most expensive, and going down tothe least expensive.

And what they found is on the weekswhere the beers were listed in descending order, starting at the most expensive, peoplechose more expensive beers, on average, comparedto the weeks where the same beers were listed in the opposite order.

On average, people had spent almost 24cents more per beer in the "descending order" condition,compared to the "ascending order" condition, and over those twomonths, the bar sold more than 1,000 bottles of beer, so that 24 cents reallydoes add up.

So there you have it–five studies fromprice psychology that may change the way you think about prices.

If you found these interesting andcompelling, and you gotta know more, click on the link under this video to betaken to my full online course about price psychology.

We'll cover allthese things in greater detail plus a ton more pricing strategies that youcan use in your own marketing efforts.

In fact, if youuse the link that's below this particular video,you'll get a certain percentage off the total cost of the course.

And did I choose that percentage basedon price psychology? Yeah, of course I did.

I'll see you nexttime!.

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8 Internet Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Creating an effective internet marketing campaignrequires careful planning, knowledgeable execution, and constant maintenance.

But, even if youdo these things consistently, there is no guarantee of success because there are a lotof potential pitfalls between you and your goal.

We are going to take a look at eightof the most common obstacles you will encounter when you first start out.

The first pitfall is delayed entry into markets.

You can keep fiddling with your product for a long time before it is exactly the way youwant it.

That means delaying your entry into the marketplace.

How much time it takes foryour product to be out there depends on how many times you change it before you get aversion that satisfies you.

Time is money.

So, the sooner you can getyour product out, the faster you can start making money from it.

Customers can’t buyyour products if your products aren’t available.

To be a successful marketer, you need to becomeproficient at “turning around” your products quickly and getting them up for sale as quicklyas possible.

The second common pitfall is backing a losinghorse.

If, after a sufficient amount of time, your product is not performing as well asyou had hoped, you probably should pull it from the market and rework it — or abandonit altogether for a better product.

Markets speak in a very clear voice.

But not all marketersare prepared to listen, so they can spend way too much time pushing a product theircustomers don’t want.

The third common pitfall is listening to toomany people.

If you want to do something, do it.

Don’t waste a lot of time listeningto what everybody else thinks about your idea.

While there is value in having some feedback,that’s no substitute for actual hands-on experience.

The fourth common pitfall is focusing toomuch on sales.

Yes, sales is an important part of any business because it is what givesyou your revenue.

But sales aren’t everything! You also need to build your business’s reputation.

Create a loyal customer base, and do a lot of other things to make your business successfulin the long term.

If you are always trying to sell, sell, sell your customers, they aregoing to be turned off.

Customers want and expect more from the buying experience thanjust the transaction.

The next common pitfall is not doubling downwhen you are successful.

A lot of marketers will make a sale and then move on to anothercustomer.

These marketers are letting potential profits walk away.

In addition to your primaryproduct’s sales page, you also want to have up-sell and down-sell pages, a download page,a thank you page and pop-up so that you can offer your customer the opportunity to spendmore money with you.

The next common pitfall is when marketershave attention deficit disorder.

One of the most common mistakes marketers make is notpaying close enough attention to their business.

It’s easy to get distracted by other thingsthat may seem important, but there is nothing more important than your business and failingto give it your undivided attention can be a fatal error for your business.

When somethingworks for you, keep doing it so that you can have continued success.

If something doesn’twork, stop right away and try something else.

Another common pitfall is using scattershotmarketing.

At any given moment there are approximately 250 million people using the internet.

Butthat doesn’t mean there are 250 million prospective customers for your product.

Youcan waste a lot of time and energy marketing your products to people who don’t want themand can’t use them.

This is called using a “scattershot” or “shotgun” approachto marketing.

You bombard as many people as possible with your product in the hopes thata small percentage will want to buy them.

A better marketing approach is to identifyonly those customers who are interested in your product and are willing to spend moneyto buy it.

Then create a marketing effort that is specifically aimed at allowing thosecustomers to do what they already want to do: Spend their money on your product.

The eighth common pitfall is taking this scenariotoo far and using laser beam marketing.

This is when focus exclusively on a specific typeof customer and ignore all other potentially profitable markets.

It’s important to findpeople who want to buy your products.

But it’s also important to keep an eye openfor opportunities to expand your product and service base so that you can attract a largerpool of customers.

Did you enjoy what you learned today? Thencheck back weekly for updated videos and lessons.

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Local Internet Marketing for a Successful Small Businesses

[JoAnn Buday] My daughter came home one dayand told me all about this new dessert called the snow ball, and it sounded amazing.

A snowball is a New Orleans-style shaved ice, and we shave it to where it comes down like freshfallen snow and we put that into a cup with a little bit of ice cream and then we addsome syrups.

The first day we opened all of our friends came and that was really exciting,but once they were gone getting customers.

you think you open a shop and they willcome.

They don't come.

They don't even know you're there.

[Zenna Hodge] We just prayed and prayed andprayed some miracle could happen, and it was really scary.

[JoAnn Buday] I just tried spending advertisingdollars on throw-away papers in the neighborhood.

I was now really dipping into my retirementso instead of paying my house payment I paid my rent on Sno-Biggie.

I lost my house.

[Zenna Hodge] You have this dream and thisvision of customers lined out the door, and to get phone calls from my mom that we'vehad one customer for the day.

It's every business-owner's worst nightmare to have that happen.

And tosee how much my mom sacrificed in order to open up that store, to keep me in college,to work at the same time, it was heartbreaking.

[JoAnn Buday] I got a phone call from a gentlemanfrom Groupon and he offered me a Groupon deal for my shop.

[Zenna Hodge] My first take was, well, aren'twe losing money doing that.

I was so wrong, and I'm so glad I was so wrong because mymom would be calling me weekly, over 200 people have bought Groupons.

I can't believe whatthis is doing for our store.

And from then on it just was constant, people just comingin and coming in and we saw your Groupon.

[JoAnne Buday] Groupon started to work instantly.

It was a huge game-changer.

What would my business be like today if I didn't partnerwith Groupon? It would be closed.

I truly believe that.

I can't imagine how we wouldhave made it.

My name is JoAnn Buday, owner of Sno-Biggie.

[Zenna Hodge] And my name is Zenna Hodge andour sweet success is built with Groupon.

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The Most Powerful Free Internet Marketing Technique?

a method which I am very passionate about, is something which not only can generate you a continually growing evergreen source of traffic, but can also help you to make sales, getleads and help you to grow and form lifelongmutually beneficial relationships with your leads, clients and customers.

It'smore than just a traffic generation technique.

It'ssomething which helps you grow your reputation, it's something which helps yougain credibility, it's something which helps you gain customers and much more.

So today I would like to talk to youvery briefly about the power of blogging.

About and why I believe that this is oneof the best strategies that you must incorporate to your business, to yourmarketing strategy as soon as you can if you're not doing already.

Of course the other thing about blogging is thatit's free.

It's a free traffic generating method.

The reason why I use quotation marks here, is because I believe blogging to be so much more than just a "traffic generatingmethod".

Living in the information age that we are now, there have been countless people whose lives have been transformed by the power of blogging and sharing information on the Internet.

Not only as producers, but as consumers also.

And For example, lets say I'm a consumer.

Im searching the Internet for information on whatevertopic.

It could be health, relationships spirituality, of course the list isendless on the kind of topics that are available out there for us to researchas a consumer.

But just talking from my experience alone, my life has beentransformed tremendously by other bloggers sharing information andcontributing to the information out there on the Internet.

Even yourself by researching and kind of just expressing interest in various topics online, your knowledge base has grown by other bloggers who have enlightened you with informationthat they were privvy to that you might not otherwise have discovered.

Soin this way alone, blogging is extremely powerful and effective inchanging the lives of consumers.

It can transform your life.

I mean maybe you even came across my membership site through my blog.

Or indeed, if you're may be watching this video on video channel of mine or from one of my blog posts.

So asa producer, blogging is just as powerful if not more, because it allows you to gain credibility and notoriety in the marketplace, allows you to make sales, allows you to get tons and tons of continually increasing traffic, enablesyou to get leads and it helps you to maintain long lasting, mutuallybeneficial relationships with those leads.

So there are so many thingsthat as producer it can do, and obviously in this video series we're going to belooking at.

Excuse me, I've just seen a very big lizard in my apartment.

I'm living in Thailand at the moment, and sometimes we get these creepy crawlies that creep through so I've just spotted avery big lizard in my apartment.

Anyway I'll carry on.

So in this video series we're going to teach you how to capitalize on all of these potential benefits blogging andhaving a blog can do for you.

And I'mgoing to be showing you exactly how to create an effective blog post.

So we're going to be looking at the anatomy of a perfect blog post.

How to make it convert, how to get people to click through and do what you want them to i.


to buy or to follow some sort of call to action.

I'm going to show you how toget traffic to your blog by SEO (search engine optimization) by on page and off page optimization.

We're going to be talkingabout how to use your blog post in the correct way so.

Blogging can be so powerful if it's used in the correct way.

And we're not just talking about writing a blog post and leaving it on our blog for coldtraffic to come and have a look at what we have to say.

This is not the mosteffective way to to do blogging ok there's another enjoy trick that youmust incorporate your marketing strategy which basically fully maximizes the powerin a very particular way.

There's a secret formula for blogging and I'm going to be talkingabout that in subsequent videos.

So basically we have this amazing tool that can could do so many things for our business.

It can be so powerful, unbelievably powerfull, exponentially powerful ok if used correctly and if it's used consistently.

So 2 things.

We have to use or blog correctly which will be going through in subsequent videos and we have to use itconsistently.

So you must be blogging consistently.

We'll be talking about this in more more detail, but you need to be working on a consistent basis be a daily, weeklybiweekly or monthly.

You have to blog at a consistent rate.

It has to be consistent and it has to be effective, which we're going to be talking about.

This is a really super powerful tool that not only transformsthe lives of consumers, i.


the people who are actually reading your blog posts,but also as a producer, as a business owner.

It's going to transform your lifeonce you use it correctly and consistently too.

Your traffic is going to continually increase, your credibility will continually increase,your exposure will continually increase.

And you'll be selling through it as well.

So there's so many things that blogging can give to you and your business.

And I believe even as a free incorperate into your marketing strategy.

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Best Internet Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

a guy in this video I want to give youwhat I believe to be the best strategy to grow your business using the power ofthe internet so stick around in network marketing affiliate marketing or youjust really want to grow whatever business you have on the internet here'sthe thing most people when they're marketing their business they don't looktoo far into the future looking for people who have their creditcard out ready to buy right now and the thing about that is there are plenty ofthose people out there but when you are marketing online that's almost like apay-to-play so if you're paying for advertising to get your message in frontof your product in front of those people that's almost like a pay-to-play withoutlooking down the road because there are more people who want to purchase yourproduct who are ready to buy you so if you can change the way you think aboutwho your marketing to know who your target market is you can get more sales and you can getmore business you can grow your business more using the power of the Internet andhere's what they mean by that let's take network marketing as anexample industry so went your marketing mostpeople will market their opportunity are you ready to join in here's the productit's amazing are you ready to join and most peopleare not ready to join right then and there so using the strategy I'm talkingabout is maybe that person is working on internet marketing maybe that person iswanting to grow something else they have going on or they want to training ofthey want to learn how to do something so you can help that person if you could teach them something elseyou gain their trust in you actually give them value they opt in to what youhave to offer that's not necessarily an opportunity it's just something of valueto help them then maybe down the road they they start to think you know whatthis guy he's given me value here and since they've already opted in thealready have some level of trust with them already given them something ofvalue now they might have that opportunity to come join you in yourbusiness but right out the gate they're not ready a lot of people are not ready so if youcan just look down the road a little bit people who don't have them all elseright now I'm ready to join but maybe they will later on so it's not right nowjust a little bit later little bit farther into the future ingiving them what you would call a lead magnet you're giving them something ofvalue so they can opt in to your form they give you their name and email andyou give them something of value and you teach them something that they actuallywant or need their ten times more likely to actually give you a real gmail sothat way they actually get what youre trying to offer hope that makes sense to you and I hopeyou see the power in using a league match giving value to people in order togain trust and potential customers down the road not necessarily right now so Ihope you guys got to do is share your food shows video around help me out andclick that thumbs up if you did like this video and if you want to see what Iuse as what I would call lead magnet or something that I giveaway of three valueyou can check out that video download in the description is exactly how I buildmy business online and teaches me how to market my business online and how youcan market your business to take.

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Online Marketing Strategies – 6 Tactics To Grow Your Business Online

– Hi.

I'm Robin Waite, author of a number one best-selling book, Online Business Startup.

And I'm doing a series of videos about growing your business through business, onlineand marketing strategy.

(dramatic instrumental music) So this afternoon I'm gonna give you my top six tips for creating a simple online marketing strategy.

My first tip is to make use of all of the masses of free web applications which are available out there.

And when I say 'all of them', I say focus specifically on Google, because Google has spentbillions of dollars developing a range of different apps, which are all geared around kind of growing your business andshouting about what you do.

So, Google takes about 90% of the search engine traffic across all of the search engines.

This is particularly in the UK.

So it only makes sense that there is no coincidencethat if you're making use of Google's other apps, thatit might actually boost your organic search engine ranking.

So, there are things which you can do, like use Google Maps and Google Places or Google for Business.

Those all allow– tools all allow you to createa profile for your business, upload your logo, uploadyour contact details, opening hours, put a brief description about your business in there, and send the link back to your website.

You can use Google Analytics to analyse how much traffic iscoming through your site and set up Goal Conversions, for example.

And also I've discoveredthat Google Analytics is quite a nice quick, easy way of getting new pages on your website listed within its organic search engine index.

So if you've got GoogleAnalytics installed on your site, all you've got to dois browse to that page once it goes live.

And Google, after a couple of days, will automatically pick up that page and add it into its index.

And also as another great web tool, which Google's created calledGoogle Webmaster Tools.

You may have come acrossif you're using Analytics something called the'Not Provided' keyword in your list of– It's probably at the topof your list of keywords that people are puttinginto the search engines to find your website.

And 'Not Provided' basically means that it's hidden behind a secure certificate.

So when you put in a search into Google and you're logged into Google's, Google Chrome for example, it does all of that securely.

And so then when you search for a– and end up on a website, that search keyword isn'tpassed to that website because it goes through a secure layer.

What Google Webmaster Toolsdoes is it acts before, and you go through to your website, and it gives you a list of those keywords.

So using Analytics andWebmaster Tools together is a really great way of just analysing what key words people areactually searching for and landing on your website.

So, my second tip is to use all of thevarious social media tools, for example, to completeyour online business profile.

So, the big four: We've got Google Plus,Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Definitely get out, evenif you're not intending to use them, at least get out there like– And these, these are toolswhich people have spent billions of dollars on creating, and they're all out therefor you to use for free.

The key thing is that you can put your business name on there and a link back to your website.

And even if you don'tpost tweets regularly or post status updateson Facebook regularly, just having those profiles, that is going to raise yourprofile and your page rank, because they're all freelinks back to your website.

And there are tonnes, there are hundreds of different social mediaapplications out there beyond the big four.

Use as many as are actuallyapplicable to your business.

So, for example, if yourbusiness is very, like, image-led, if you're aphotographer, for example, you could be making use of things like Instagram and Flickr.

If you're design-led and creative you could look at Dribbble and Instagram again isappropriate for that.

So make sure the social mediaprofiles you're setting up are appropriate for your business.

Equally, again they're free tools, and other people do use them, so it might be that if you don't use, have a LinkedIn profile you're missing out on a good opportunity to network with other local businessowners in your area.

So it's a good way for othercustomers to find you online.

So, do your best tomake use of all of those different social media platforms, and then just make sure that you do update them regularly, there will be other people and other business owners using them.

So, even if you do not believe in it, you might see an opportunity there that you didn't realise before.

My third tip is: make sure you create a fantastic onlineportfolio for your business, and then get reviews.

Again, Google is startingto build on this element of social review into its page ranks.

So make sure that you're getting reviews on things like Facebook andGoogle Plus, for example.

You can also use otherreview tools like Trustpilot.

What it does is itshowcases your capabilities and your best work on your website and it attracts leads back to you.

So that hopefully, if yourcompetitors aren't doing this, it's gonna make you standout above your competitors.

And the more reviews that you get on those three tools whichI mentioned just now, then the higher up you're likely to be on Google's organic rankings.

Ultimately what those organicrankings are gonna mean is more traffic to your siteand hopefully more sales.

So it kind of makes logical sense that you want to be gettingreviews and testimonials and publishing them in asmany places as possible.

What this also does is whensomebody lands on your website or sees those reviews, it just builds trustwith potential customers.

My fourth tip is to share your knowledge and share your know-how.

A lot of people hold backfrom sharing their IP because they think thatsomebody's gonna steal it.

And what exactly are you afraid of? If you think that somebody'sgonna steal your ideas, you're afraid that they'regonna do it better than you, the likelihood is they probably can.

So by sharing your know-how, it presents yourself as anexpert within your field, and ultimately what it will do is it will draw customers to you.

Because your customers– Sorry, not your customers– Your competitors aren'tlikely to be giving away free information.

This again makes youstand out from the crowd.

And it just builds up that level of trust.

Don't be afraid to giveaway free advice to people, whether you meet them,if you're doing blogging, if you wanna chuck stuff up onto YouTube, give away free advice.

What it does, it just demonstrates that you're an honest person who just wants to help other people, help your customers and what'll happen is it'll encourage referrals back to you.

And the likelihood is that, you know, you're probably very good at what you do and even if you give away your know-how, either your competitorsor potential customers, they're not gonna be ableto replicate your methods and implement it as wellas you actually could.

My fifth tip is to, good to move away from the organic side of things but perhaps invest in some paid-for online marketing.

PPC is a good way of kind of bolstering your organic advertisingthat's going on already.

And when you've gotparticularly quiet periods you could invest a bit of money in PPC to drive extra traffic to your website.

And you could look attools like Retargeting, which sits inside Google AdWords, as a way of re-engagingpotential customers who have displayed aninterest in your products through your website.

They've left the site, andthen it's a bit creepy, but you put a pixel on their computer and you follow themaround, they see your ad.

And then they realisethey've made a mistake, and back to your website, and that's where they end upbuying your products from.

So, retargeting is really important.

And then, finally, youwant to hire professionals for anything that you feelyou can't do well yourself.

So, you see a lot ofpeople trying to manage, like Google AdWords campaign and just spanking loadsof money on Google adverts and then wondering why it's all gone wrong and why they've wasted their money.

And it's because there areactually experts out there who do Google PPC advertising,Facebook advertising and things like that, and yes you have to pay for them, but it's what you get back in return.

They are experts in their field and will probably have a much better idea about how to make the most ofthe niche you're targeting.

And they'll just save you money, and a lot of them will have guarantees, so that if they haven'tgenerated the leads which they've said they'regonna generate for you, within a certain specified amount of time, you don't actually have to pay them.

So, find somebody who ison a commission-only basis in order to drive trafficback to your website.

So, to summarise those key points.

Tip number one: Make use of all the free web applications that are out there,especially the Google ones, because it will help your page rank.

Tip number two: Make sure you complete all of the online business profiles throughsocial media tools which are available.

Tip number three: Create an online portfolio, get reviews; that social proof is invaluable.

Make sure that you're sharing knowledge in amongst your peers andto potential customers.

Invest in some paid-foronline marketing as well: Google PPC, FacebookAdvertising, for example.

And finally, make sure thatyou're hiring professionals for anything that you're not competent at.

So, hopefully, youfound some of those tips really helpful and enjoyable.

If you want to know more, then go to my website:onlinebusinessstartup.



And if you haven'talready, I've got a book.

Head on over to Amazon.

It's called Online Business Startup.

(dramatic instrumental music) So thanks once againfor watching the video.

I hope you found some of the tips helpful.

And if you've got any questions then please do leave some comments in the boxes below the video.

If you want to be informed about any future videos which I upload, then please click here to subscribe.

And then finally, if you haven't already, head on over to Amazonusing this button just here to buy the book, Online Business Startup.

Thanks for watching.

I'm Robin Waite.

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Passive Internet Marketing To Grow Your Business Online

hey guys what's going on it's NathanLucas in in this video I want to show you guys how you can use passiveprospecting (internet marketing) to grow your business online so check this out already has somebody job on the boardshere and a blocky through exactly how you can do this to grow your businessand that is why hosting content onto the internet right to do that in severaldifferent ways a lot of different platforms you have failed to eat so suchas Facebook Instagram YouTube walking and that's just a few many otherdifferent ways that you can put constant now what kind of content and we can beposed in and out onto the area to help us grow well we want to provide value todo this for our potential prospects more value to them and here's what kind ofdolly what kind of information is value tothese people process in order to decide what that iswe have to identify a problem or a struggle that our prospects are doingand when we can do that we provide a solution to our prospects in that iswhat we do here we come back to the choice we post again provide valueidentified the struggle a little late today that we provide a solution and wedo this over and over and over out onto the internet so what comes outto all of our valued contact tonight we're putting it out on the internet buthere's what we're doing actually making you giving our prospectsand opportunities to capture page recaptured now and thenwhat's going to happen after the date you capture page you gonna give themsomething of value on the other side of that captures do that they have to put in the emaillist follow-up well the same thing happenswhen market so you gonna build and at the same time this allows you to followup with them via email service providing value to that over and over right and when you're able to do thisthese two thanks you provide a solution you provide that in their side you havealready produced in place right however in other words you're gonna make sales Imean you want to make money that's the end goal but if we use it by providing asolution providing value on the back and we have helped help them grow theirbusiness and at the same time we have something for us and then what we do iswe have something in place that gives us residual and what that means is now westart to make money over and over and over again whether we actually work soyou know all starts right here by content we have to create content that's Valley that provides a solution to a strugglein the market and that's what we do is that a lead capture page right givingsomething away of value otherwise are not gonna get their information and thenon the other side of that when we do these things more consistent over time guess what now that's information allout on the internet working for us even when we're not work you literally can'tbuild a business if you stay consistent and start to make money whether youactually worked or not that's where the residual income comes in place so if yougot value out this video and learning about passes prospecting I'm asking youto do two things one go ahead and lights this video and that'll help me out so ifyou like the video down below and the second thing is there's a link belowthis video and go ahead and click that link and on the other side of that isthe exact marketing system the exact community that has taught me the basicsbasics and even going into depth about internet marketing in how to actuallymake sales how's business and how to grow your business and I really thinkyou guys get some value my name's David Lucas I appreciate yourtime and I'll see you guys.

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How Does Internet Marketing Work | Simple Walk-Through

hey my names Nathan Lucas and in thisvideo I"m gonna show you guys exactly how internet marketing work socheck this out alright guys I'm going to give you anin-depth overview exactly how internet marketing works and how you can use itto grow any business this actually can be four billion marketing networkmarketing small business owners if you want to build a business and businessonline this really is how to market on theboard and take you through it step by step and it all starts with this rightnow this system is going to be what makes you money right you need to make sales you need somesort of cash flow products to sell your not going to make any money right so westart with a system that's what you first half the hat now we're gonna doyou need to get trapped you have to have five goals on your system you're notgoing to make any money targeted traffic so how do we do that well we can do aseveral different ways we can do it through social media right that's oneform of traffic we can do it through so these are just how you can actually gettraffic to your system now what we want to do is we don't talk to the media right actually want to give away or thatis and this needs to be alright you need to give somebody or now once you do that the way that we'regoing to do this is we're actually gonna bring them capture right after page andreally what this allows you to do is to capture people's name email and possiblywhy is it so important because when you do that you've never heard of theFortune is in the follow up this is why this is so important because now email service you can actually fall offprospects which is very important when it right you need to be able to but atthe same time that's just from them putting their information in this alsois going to send them or what I like to say is perhapssomething that is like on membership people are pained month and then onethat creates for you is residual income just a one and done sale you're actuallymaking sales over and over and that also is based on the system that you chooseto use to grow now what would be awesome is if you had a system that teaches youall these tools such as the system that I use which you can go check out thelink below this video actually gives you a lot of people when they start outinternet marketing your growing business online they don't have and services togive away but the system if you choose to use that has free products for you togive away guess what that does that siege timebecause you don't have to stay all the time to create products to give awayit's done right and what about responders or the capture pages this iswhy I highly recommend or heavy sales page and in the end this is actuallymaking you money really did have a system that will teach you how to do allof this in this is really what so you guys got any value out of any this areyou really learn something to help me out and click that LIKE button downbelow this video out help me out that really appreciate thatand if you actually want to see a system that I believe will help you grow yourbusiness and learn and help you to do this make money then click the linkbelow this video and check out the video on the other side I really think you'regoing to get some value my name is Nate and I will see you on the next.

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LinkedIn Marketing – MD Internet Marketing Solutions

Is your business having a hard time gettingnew customers and clients? Or do you just want to crush your local competition? Staytuned – I have the solution! Hello LinkedIn Users! I’m Ken Mandich, ownerand CEO of MD Internet Marketing Solutions.

I’m making this video just for LinkedInUsers because most people here are just as passionate about their business as I am mine! I’m going to try and keep this video asshort as possible because, hey , you have a business to run and so do I So how can we get you more customers and clientsfor YOUR Business? Through the power of Internet Marketing! Now That’s kind of a broad termand I ‘m going to break it down for you a 10,000 ft over view and into 4 categories.

1st, SEO, which stands for search engine optimization- We get your website to the top of the searches for keywords and keyword phrases people areusing to find your business services.

This is done through making sure your website isproperly optimized on each page, then backlinking, content marketing, press releases and a plethoraof other things 2nd, Website Design And On Page Optimization If you don’t have a website, not a problemwe can build you a beautiful and fully functional Mobile Friendly website.

It’s importantthat your website be mobile friendly because of the Google Update on April 21 of 2015.

Google made it known that if your website is not Mobile Friendly it will suffer in rankingsin the Mobile searches, which is important because over half of all searches are nowdone on mobile devices! If you do have a website already we can update it if it needs it aswell as do some on page optimization which is the start of all good SEO practices andgetting high rankings in the search engines 3rd, Video Marketing And Social Media Social Media needs to be a big part of yourInternet marketing strategies.

There are so many platforms, and your profession will dependon which social platform will work best for you.

Social Media also helps reinforce yourbrand.

Our favorites that give the most bang for your buck, and we consider necessitiesare YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter.

We love YouTube because it works for everyone.

Andwith attention spans getting shorter people would rather watch a video than read text.

Also, with a highly optimized video it can appear in the Google searches as well.

4th, Reputation Management – This is something that is getting to be moreimportant.

In choosing your business over the competition the average consumer looksat 10 reviews before making a decision and 6-10 reviews before they trust you.

So, Haveyou received a bad review and it shows up when people search for your business? Hey,it happens, you can’t please everybody 100% of the time, it’s probably not your fault.

But still that negative review is there appearing in the searches to consumers when they searchfor your business.

We have ways of just pushing those bad reviews off of page 1 and bury themback on page 2.

We can also get you or your business on majorsites with press releases such as ABC, Fox, NBC and ABC making you an authority for yourarea of expertise.

Once we do that you can have those logos on your profile picture orassociated with your business just like I have with mine.

So if you are ready to take your businessto the next level and get your phone ringing off the hook with new clients, click thislink below me or the little Icon in the top right corner on mobile devices to visit ourwebsite to get started.

On some mobile devices you may have to click the link in the description.

When you get to our site, Just fill out the brief intake form and we will be in touchwithin 24-48 hours.

Again, my name is Ken, and we look forwardto speaking with you, helping your business be all that it can be, CRUSHING your competitionand DOMINATING THE SEARCH ENGINES! Talk to you soon.

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SEO – MD Internet Marketing Solutions

Does your business need more leads, customersor clients? Do you have a website that's nowhere to befound on the internet for the services your business provides?Or maybe you need a website, or does your website have a look left over from the “90’s?Stay Tuned – I have the solutions to these problems and more! Hello All! Ken Mandich here, CEO at MD InternetMarketing Solutions, Atlanta’s Premiere SEO ConsultingFirm.

If your business is struggling to bring innew customers, or just needs more customers, we are the people you need to talk too.

We perform SEO services for websites, videosand other social media properties as well as website design and development.

We get your company to the top of the searchengines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, for keywords and keyword phrases that people are usingon the internet to find YOUR Business Services.

So what is SEO? It stands for search engineoptimization.

In a nutshell, we start with properly optimizing each page of your websiteso that it’s clear to the search engines, as well as consumers, what services you provide.

Then, we properly back link and send citationsto your site as well press releases to get it to show up in the searches.

If you don’t have a site, we can build you a beautiful, fully responsive, mobile friendlywebsite as well.

We also properly optimize all of your socialmedia properties.

If you don’t have any setup already, we can also do that for you.

We then connect all of your social media properties to your website to help reinforce your brandand create a Semantic relationship between all of your web properties.

Video can be considered a part of social media,but we think it deserves mention on it’s own.

We love video marketing because it worksfor everyone.

Even if you don’t want to be on camera, we have solutions to make highlyengaging, high converting HD videos that will get your phone ringing.

To learn more and be considered for our services,visit our contact page to fill out a brief questionnaire about your business and we willbe in touch within 24-48 hours.

If you found this video somewhere else onthe web and aren’t already on our site, and you are on a desktop or laptop, clickthis link that pops up, that will take you to our site and see the services we offer.

On mobile devices, touch the screen and click the i in the upper right hand corner to visitour site.

On some mobile devices you may have to click the link in the description.

Again, my name is Ken Mandich with MD InternetMarketing Solutions in Atlanta.

We look forward to speaking with you, getting an SEO campaigncreated for you, crushing your competition on the web, and dominating the search engines!.

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