Internet Marketing Tips – Dominate Your Competition

Hey Guys, Aces here from NetPlayMarketing.

Com and today I want to talk to you about Dominating Your Competion Welcome back guys so in today's video I want to talk about Dominating Your Competition.

So, what I'm talking about here guysis something that I know that a lot of people really struggle with especiallywhen they're first getting started or just thinking about getting startedin working online or in their business for the first time and this idea ofcompetition.

Especially if you're in a niche where there's alot of people maybe even like really well-known people your niche, like inthe fitness niche or even if your working online or whatever nicheyou're actually in and there's always going to be a guru there's always going to bepeople who are you know well known in your niche and they seem to always haveall the customers and they seem to have all you know all the traffic going towards them and so sometimes it can be intimidating to think "who's going topay attention to me?" "who's really going to want to invest with me or workwith me or buy my product" or whatever the case may be.

Especially ifyou're marketing the same product, if you're an affiliate, as these gurus, these leaders.

And so you're trying to think to yourself "How can I compete.

how can I actually be successful when people like this arealready in my niche doing so well?" and so really guys, what you need to kind ofget your head around is the fact that because people are so big, especiallyif you're comparing yourself to like the big gurus and the big leaders in yourniche what you need to understand is that there is an advantage that you have thatthey don't.

Because they're so big, because they have a lot of followers,people who do follow them, the problem is that they can't give the samelevel of service that you can, right? When you're getting startedyou have more time than these leaders, you have more time these gurus, and sowhat you can do is that you can over deliver to people by providing anamazing service by providing an amazing experience and by over delivering on whatyou promise.

So, when someone's bigger, like a bigger guru or leader they can'tdo that.

I can't tell you how many times I tried to reach out to abigger guru or I tried to reach out to a leader or someone who's a mentor orwanted to have as a mentor that I admired and I never got a reply back fromthem or when I sent him an email I never got replies back from themor they took forever to get back to me.

Sometimes it wasn't even them who replied to me it waslike their their staff or something that maybe got back to me and so itwas and can be a little bit disheartening from a customerstandpoint to do that.

However when I reached out to somebody who was still seeing success, maybe not at the same level of success as these big gurus howeverthey're seeing some really good success and they were a little bitsmaller time and when I reached out to them they were on the ball!They would reply to me within a few minutes or a few hours andget back to me really quickly and so I was able to have a conversation withthem, communicate with them, ask them questions, pick their brain andthey would answer me.

So they really over delivered beforeI was even a customer and because they did that, because they spent that timewith me, because they took the time to show me, to teach me, coach me andmentor me really you know on things that I needed to do in my industry which isonline marketing in terms of doing things for traffic, how to dothings for ads, how to setup my blog, and doing all these different things becauseof that I ended up taking them on as an actual coach, I saw that they knew what they were doing, I saw the results they were getting and so I and ended up investingthousands of dollars with this one person because they took the time to dothat.

But when it came to me.

I had the money I could've easilyspent that money with the bigger gurus I just didn't get that level of service.

And so that's where you guys can over deliver it when you guys are the smallertime, when you are just getting started, you can do that.

You can over deliverto your customers by giving them a great experience and really helping them outwith whatever it is that they need and the great thing is the you get twothings from this guy's.

one is you get amazing lifetime customers that willprobably pay you thousands of dollars throughout their time that theywork with you.

And two, what they'll do is they'll actually be amazing testimonialsfor you so you can then use that leverage their testimonials to gain more customers and gain more traction and get and grow your businessand that's how you're going to be able to scale up.

So, when you're thinking about the competition the only way you're going to be able to dominate is youhave to think about what advantages that you have you can do that these other guys can't andthat's one of the biggest ones guys you over deliver on your service you overdelivering your experience and that's gonna be able to get amazing customersand gained a lot of income online.

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The Secret to Massive Success in Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing Tips for Success

What's up guys this is morii Malveaux herefor reach me on the sky.

Com okay I'm just located this year I'm always at home alwaysshould have a treehouse and beautiful clean Texas but I want to tell you the secret tomassive success and on internet marketing internet marketing tips for Success how doyou become the top leader in your business opportunity how do you gain massive successwell the first thing I was doing research about basically all the leaders in networkmarketing all the strong leaders and something that they all have a common is they all havea why they all have a very big specific Vision they have a incredible why so if you wantto become massively successful in your business opportunity you're going to need a strongwhile okay and the second thing that you're going to need it is of course the right mentorshipand what do I mean by this who you hanging around with so the top five people you hangaround with you I'll probably have the same the same amount of income coming in so ifyou begin to hang yourself with if you begin to hang around people with you know five figures6-figure earners then guess what it's not going to be too long before you become a fiveor six figure order so it's not going to it's not going to be long until you Beast you startbecoming a 6:07 figured if I figured because you're learning what they're doing right okayand then the third thing that you're going to need I should have said this for numberone but the first thing you're going to need is the right mindset which kind of goes backto number 1 something that all the top leaders and all the massively successful leaders likeJim Rohn die or what's his name Ty Lopez and Tony Tony Robbins is they all have a greatmine said they're all very strong-minded when it comes to internet marketing or doing somethingthat a lot of people aren't doing or traveling the world The Road Less Traveled on is goingto take a lot of mental strength because people are always going to try to knock you on yourstuff you're always going to try to say your not good or they're going to doubt your abilitiesall because they feel that they can't do it so they doubt your abilities and they don'tsee your vision right so you're going to have to have a strong mindset and realize thatit's a journey be the kind of person that enjoys the journey instead of looking forinstant gratification and that leads me to number 3 take consistent action all thesetop leaders in Massachusetts for people in their internet marketing didn't get thereby being lazy it just wasn't random they had to work their butts off to get where theyneeded to go they invest the money they invest the time because of the energy they were willingto learn a different skill-set because they had a strong Vision once your mind is madeup and you have your eyes set on the goal or on whatever you want to quit your job tomaybe spend some more time with your kids or you want to quit your job and travel onceyou have your vision and you have your why'd you have to be so specific about why you wantto do it how you want to do it and when you want to do it so you have to have a ClearVision because as you can see once you're going down that road you're going to haveobstacles you know you're going to have not so good days and that's just the life of anentrepreneur but you're going to have to realize that you're going to have to fight all rightso that's why little tips on success how to become successful have a wife have a greatmentor taking Xanax and everyd ay have a great mind said alright so I hopethat helps those were like four or five golden nuggets and get a great system get a systemthat you get up I might recommend it will be digital altitude it's a high convertingand has great products celebrity offer and you get the mentorship you get your emailmarketing going to give funnels for you and really is teaching her house so probably howto properly internet mortgage it's rewiring your brain for success and it's great fornewbies I was able to get started and I don't have a great mentor thankThank God he taught me everything I need to learn about YouTube that's how I was ableto see alot of my success it leads in sales on the consistent basis and you can too alrightso if you're interested in that a lot of My Success and get leaves in cells on the consistentbasis and you can't you are right so if you're interested in that click the link below it'sonly a dollar trial but I will also be sending you a free training anyways all you had todo was put your email address or just beginning to take its consistent action if you're lookingfor a Min so I can make sure your guys you I'll be able to if you sign underneath meI'll give you all the stuff that I use the tools that I used to run a business for meand how it works and how it's continuously working for me and how it can do the samefor you but it's the balls in your court you're going to have to take everything out therebecause obviously if you come across this video thing in your life just be honest andI'm giving you tools and guidance that you're going to need in order to see why becauseI was able to do it too Alright With that being said, I want to hear tips on how tobecome Massive Successin your life being your love life Fitness been to college or anything like that howdo you achieve your goals are right so that means I'll see you on the other side thankyou.

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My Advanced Online Marketing Funnel Template Revealed

alright Miles Beckler here again andwe're doing a little funnel series in the last video we covered the simpleself liquidating funnel its kind of funnel that got me going really in whatI would consider professional level I internet marketing even though i wasdoing it for years before i was really big catalyst this next one is like theadvanced version of that funnel so this is if you have your own personalproducts and you have many products if you have a bunch of different productlines products that kind of work together that complement each otherreally well this is definitely where you want to go and honestly getting intothis level of final building is really where you can start to get cash flowpositive on your funnels straight from cold traffic what i mean by that isyou're putting a dollar in your getting two dollars out on the other side whichultimately just creates a larger marketing budget for yourself and youcan really scale the size of your business and the size of your campaignsrelatively quickly so let's jump right in and i'm going to go ahead and movemyself other way and let's bring in the advanced self liquidating funnel allright so you know this is you're getting into the kind of the role of thetripwire I guess you know ryan deiss uses that term a lot and you try to triphim up on a seven dollar product and then you hit him over the head with likea higher priced product i don't really like that terminology extends from likeland mines i believe is what a trip wires from and that's the wrong analogyfor me because I'm all about getting people what they want and helping themaccess more content if they're that kind of person you know every time you makean offer there's some percentage of people who are going to want to buy andthere's gonna be some percentage of people who are always going to want tobuy more so what we're doing with this offer withthis funnel is we're allowing those people who want to buy more from us theopportunity to do so it's very simple so how does it start again same thingyou can literally keep that same often page that you had from the previous thesimple funnel you opt-in for something free whether to free report free videoor free audio and they enter their email address and then they submit at thispoint they go on to your email list right here and then they see an otowhich is a one I'm offer and this is a chance for themto buy something at a very significant discount from you this has to be great content if you feellike wow I'm really offering to much I'm not charging enough you're on theright path because you want it to be that good because the goal is totransition them to a customer the goal is not to make money right hereat all you make money in the future with a backend of your funnel this is thefront end of your funnel so the goal this point is just to turn them into acustomer because once their customer the likelihood of them purchasing again goesup significantly so we have a new direction here if you'll notice if theygo to click X in the top corner of their browser here they would see anopportunity to see another offer and a little pop-up would say hey wait are yousure you want to leave this page and it will have a button that says leaving abutton that says stay if they click stay you can make them a second offer thiscan be a different product or it can be a different price i don't really likedoing a different price for the same product because I kind of have thatfeeling when I see this sort of thing is like wait you're gonna charge me 27 for it here but since i was leavingyou give me the same thing for seven dollars like you see we're trying to ripme off at first and now you're trying to like save that I don't get it sopersonally what I do is I think this is a chance to give them a different offerso if this was product a that would help them lose weight maybe this is product be that would givethem meal plans or if our workout routine right so accomplishing the samegoal of losing weight but just from a different angle because maybe this offerwould resonate with them and if they do go to the order they obviously go to thecheckout page and what happens when they create this checkout is at this pointthis order remains open in your system this is called a one-click upsell rightso all they have to do they get another product offer on this screen and allthey have to do is click yes and they don't we enter their credit card theorder just kind of increases in the size of the order they click know the ordercloses with just this product on here so generally people will structure this in like a 72 $17 otoupwards of twenty seven thirty-seven dollars here and then after the checkoutyou're generally going to have a higher price upsell on the back and here andwhat you're gonna see is so again you have you know twenty to fifty percentoften hear one to four percent conversion rate here and then on thisone it gets really exciting because you often see twenty to thirty percentconversion rates on the upsell and then your system which is smart enough toknow if they bought just this one or bought both of them will give them theappropriate delivery page also you can see if they go through the exit pop andthey purchase they're also getting going to get the one-click upsell the otoafter the offer so let's say on a fitness plan you've got the video serieson how to lose weight and then they order the video series on how to loseweight for seventeen dollars and then on the upsell you offer them monthlycoaching access to a private group and meal plans and a workout plan and thatwould be this would be seventeen dollars and then this would be a 97 dollarupsell what happens when you get to the end of the funnel is your average ordervalue from your customer goes up this means you're able to spend more money onthe pay-per-click side at your often level you're able to spend more percustomer because your funnel is optimized to deliver more money percustomer than anyone else and this game is all about who can spend more on acustomer if you can spend more on your customer than your competitors can youwill be able to buy all the traffic and you will be able to get more customersand again you gotta remember this is the front end of the funnel you're going tohave a follow-up sequence the process here right so we have like two percentof people one-percenter two percent of people purchasing here so there'sninety-eight percent of people are dated by and they're on your email list whichis going to follow up and make additional sales then you're going tooffer additional products to your customers as well which is going tocreate additional sales so this really is something that when you get to thecity advanced level on the funnel you canstart to get really excited about working towards the one dollar intodollars out one dollar and three dollars out and really seeing a return on yourmarketing investment very very quickly and my recommendation is always to dumpmost all of that right back into more marketing because when you get a systemthat's working really well and is building a list for you that's so keythen dumped all you can Intuit live lean for a while keep don't pull your moneyout and go by the the fancy cars that the fake ass gurus talk about livereally lean and build your list build your relationship with your list becausewhat you're building is an asset that can generate cash flow for years andyears and years to come is really powerful when this works andthis is a great funnel so start with the simple funnel if you don't have thatdone yet if you've had that simple funnel in place for a while and you'rewondering what the next level is this is it right here take a screenshot andleave me a comment below if you have questions about how to implement thisfunnel specifically if you have questions about other funnels let meknow i'm happy to answer your questions I'll leave a resource link below for oneof the tools that I use actual just linking all the tools that i use forthese kinds of funnels for this kind of funnel building and be sure to subscribe I've got another two finals in thisseries that I'm going to be illustrated in the next videos and these are reallygetting into more advanced funnels this next one the membership final i'm goingto show you has literally generated hundreds of thousands of dollars inextra revenue for my business in the last year or so it's a really powerfulmodel so thank you very much for tuning in again miles back there leave me a comment below go ahead andsubscribe above and i look forward to seeing you on the next video.

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Free Plus Shipping Marketing Funnel, Internet Marketing’s Secret Weapon To Grow Your Online Business

Hey! Miles Beckler here and in this videowe're going to look at one of the hottest funnels that out there the mostof the big-time marketers are using to create tons of customers, cash flow upfront and really really build their customer list in a way that allows themto drive more sales on the back end of the funnel.

Tthis is probably one of themost powerful front end of funnels that I've seen and this is what i'm working onbuilding and creating in my business and I'm going to go ahead and show you thefunnel and we're also going to look at the few examples of the different typesof ways people are using this final because you could you could do a lot ofdifferent things with it with a little creative funnel so we get myself out ofthe way here and pull up the the beautiful drawing of the funnel you'rewelcome and this is a free plus shipping funnelso a free plus shipping funnel in its essence is a free item all you have to do is pay shipping andthat's the entrance point of the funnel you'll notice that there is an upsellinvolved right so the offer you get to offer from your advertising is free plusshipping so you get a free book it could be afree CD it could be a free physical item will look at some of those all they payis shipping now one of the kind of like secrets of this that's probably not asecret is the vendor is usually break even on the free plus shipping so it'llbe maybe 695 shipping and handling where they're actually able to print the bookand deliver the book for six dollars and ninety-five cents and there exactlybreak even on that so their only loss is the cost of the pay-per-click to get youinto the funnel so after the free plus shipping you go to the checkout when youclick on buy they take you to an upsell page and this is where they're reallystarting to increase their cart value their average order value and this ishow they make the free plus shipping work on the first step now you need toknow that once you check out here you get on their email list and from the email list they're gonnamake other offers to you in the future some of these ones were going to look ati know for a fact they sell multi-thousand dollar products and someof them even have products that go up into the tens of thousands of dollarsand it all starts the funnel all begins with a free plus shipping so you go for the free plus shipping youcheck out at this point you're on their customer mailing list you get offered anadditional product that's generally going to be much higher value somewhere97 2 197 and if you say yes you get delivered if you say no they say thankyou and you get your free item in the mail so it's super simple one of thereasons this works so well is you get to use the marketing's favorite word threeso the advertisement you run on facebook or pinterest or YouTube or Googlewherever you're running your ads you can say get a free blank go here and thenyou might want to note just for clarity that they just pay shipping but thatthat promise of a free book or a free item is strong enough that it getspeople to take action it's a lot more valuable there's a lotmore perceived value in the free physical item than the free ebook thefree video that we've talked about in the previous funnels so let's go aheadand take a look at a few examples so this first one is a free t-shirt offerright so this guy's actually giving away a free t-shirt you choose your size downhere you click order and he's gonna be saying it somewhere shipping supplies sothere you go that's that's that's literally how he's mentioned he doesn'ttell you what shipping is so you would need to go into the funnel before youfigure out what that shipping cost is obviously this is marketed directlytowards people who like to carry guns in their pockets or purses or on their hipsas they wander around and so it's it's an American audience i know for a factthat the upsell after this is this American gun Association i believe it'sa 9 95 per month offer but it's a subscription offer so he goes around onfacebook and markets this free shirt people who have gone love shirts that show that they haveguns so they're like it's very compelling offer to that audience andthen they up-sell them with this 95 per month a garret American gun Associationand that up so happens instantly after the checkout and that's I guaranteethat's not all there offering over the course of time they're gonna sell otherproducts to the same people other things that they're gonna like possibly withthe same ipaq brand on them or other things I targets ammo who knows what islive events etc the next one we're going to look at is a survival business cardnow this is actually a clickbank offer so if your clickbank affiliate you couldpromote this and actually earn Commission's anytime someone purchasedthe follow-up products but you'll see they're giving away this metal it's likeslides into your your wallet and it's got all kinds of things right a water compass a wrench of flatheadscrewdriver knife age can opener saw blade so this is really marketed towardsthe prepper niche or the survivalist Mitch it's a physical product and youjust play shipping so they say right here shipping and handling not included Idon't know if they tell you how much the shipping handling is they don't this is a digital marketer product soit's one of ryan dices offers so the city this key thing converts likegangbusters and you'll notice you've got a little uh Robert Shelby's influencegoing on here you don't actually know how much you'regoing to have to pay until you enter your shipping details so they get youinto the cart before they tell you the shipping and that makes sense right soif I'm in the u.


my shipping is gonna be one thing but from Australia shippingmight be something totally different or they might rule me out in Australianot allow me to order this so i find it really interesting that they get a microcommitment from the user to click the button before actually letting him knowhow much they're gonna pay although they say you're going to paysomething and they don't say order now enter shippingdetails so it's a verylight commitment if you will and after this there's going to be an upsellanother product from them that you can also promote on clickbank is a credit card knife soit is kind of based on the same idea they manufacture these in china by thethousands they get an incredibly low cost per on these and then they're ableto offer them as a front-end so this again works for people who are reallyinto the everyday carry type concept the survivalists the preppers out there socampers hunters etc would love this kind of an offer and this is something thatyou can promote the last one is kind of more traditional i would say and this isa free book offer and this is russell Bronson's free plus shipping offer itsays.

com secrets book if you haven't read this book it's an absolutelyfantastic book I've gone through it multiple times now and every time I gothrough and I get a lot it talks about funnels and value laddersand it really is a powerful book i'm going to link you to this below i am anaffiliate of this so if you purchase any of the products that he offersafterwards because like I said there's upsells you no surprises but if you dopurchase any of those I would receive some sort of commission I don't even know what those would bebut ultimately I think it's worth your time to get this.

com secrets book andread through it because it's a really good book on how to build funnels andhow to build an online business but you'll notice he wrote full-on I meanthis is a full-on sales letter right he's got the video testimonials frompeople who are well known in the industry as Amazon testimonials in hereand really kind of shows you you can see we're on the right he talks about thethe value ladder and its really good content i really think that if you'reserious about internet marketing is one of the books that you definitely need toread so I'm just trying to show you as I scroll like how how aggressive of a salethis is and it's not aggressive in the sense of like bye-bye it's more when i say aggressive they puta lot of time and energy into this sales page so they're giving something forfree and they put a lot of time and money into it and that's because theyhave a back end of the funnel built in a way that they know for every book theygive away on average they're going to make x installers on the back end of the funnelnow you have the full right to go into this funnel to get the free book justpay shipping and say no thank you to all of the other upsells that they offerthat's that they account for that in their metrics right but enough peopletake them up on their upsells to make it worth it to them to continue toadvertise or to continue to pay affiliates to drive traffic to thisoffer so once again this is really it this iswhat i would consider kind of the the hip the the newest the the leading edgeof a marketing funnel right now and part of what makes us so special is you'regetting a physical item in their hands it really kind of does somethingpsychologically it makes people believe like wow this is a real business they'vegot their stuff together that they get to feel the quality of what you do sowhen you offer them future products they're like wow you know he actuallysent me that free book the content was great it was really professionally donei will go to their event that they're holding this $500 a ticket or whateverit is because you have the trust in the brand at that point these convert a lothigher than digital product only funnels right so the free report to the like theone-time offer after that's gonna have a lower conversion rate than these thesecan convert upwards of eight ten twelve fifteen twenty percent of traffic andwe're not converting just opt ins for converting them to customers and that'sthat's really powerful because your customer list has a higher likelihood ofbuying from you in the future than your prospect list so the customer list isthe most valuable list the prospect list is number to both lists are great andagain this is kind of one of the advanced funnels so this is what i'mworking on currently i'm working on a CD based offer i'm working on a book basedoffer for our niche i'm really excited about it there's a little bit more logistics thatyou have to put together because there's fulfillment i don't i'm not i don'treally have a home base i am kind of nomadic so it's not like i canjust have a bunch of these in my garage and and run down to the mail house andmail them when I'm in Thailand or new zealand or wherever I'm going to be nextyear so i'm looking at the logistics I'd but you could just as easily dosomething like this from your home if you do have a home base and you can runan offer like this yourself very very simple so if you're an advanced marketerif you're wondering what the next level is if you feel like your digital funnelshaven't been performing as well as they should this is the final you want to considerso I do thank you very much for your time again my name is Miles bechler goahead and leave me a comment below i'm very interested to hear what you thinkabout this funnel or if you're running something like this shoot me a link in a comment I'd love tosee what your funnel looks like and take a look also take a moment and click thesubscribe button and the subscribe button will make sure you're notifiedwith the next video as it comes out i'm on a content creating rampage here andi'm laying it all out on teaching everything that these successfulmarketers and myself as a sec successful marketer everything we're doing togenerate lifestyle businesses and to generate multiple six-figure incomebusinesses from home or from wherever so I go ahead and give me a comment clickthe subscribe thank you very much for your time and i will see you on the nextvideo.

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Network Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing Strategy That Works

hey guys it's nathan lucas and insidethis video I really want to show you guys what I'm doing to grow my businessonline and really what i believe to be the best strategy to grow your networkmarketing business online so let's dive right into it and I I've got a lot ofvalue in a lot of content to get through and I know that it's really going tohelp you guys so let's get started so what I want to do right now for youis I want to actually show you guys how to generate leads how to make sales andget signups now if you guys follow this you will start seeing results in yourbusiness if you choose to implement what I teach you here so first let's talk about what happenswhen we first started out in network marketing and that is we make a listright of all our friends family coworkers really anybody who is aroundus right it's our war market and we start talking to these people and we dowhat we're supposed to do right we go out and approach people we show them ourpresentation or whatever your company has but here's the thing that normallyhappens is at some point we're going to run out I know I ran out of my list andif you're watching this you probably did too and it's only a matter of time ifyou have it so what most people do at this point isthey turn to the internet and they'll get on different social media platformsand they'll try and grow their business but there are some problems that comealong with this that I want to share with you guys and that is a lot ofpeople have trouble getting people to their website without being spammy now Iknow you've probably seen on facebook network marketing companies where peopleare spamming their products all over trying to recruit for their company andit comes off as pushy and it's really a turn-off so here's thedeal they also are sending people to areplicated website now if your network marketing and you're sending people to areplicated website i can tell you personally this was one of the biggestmistakes that I was making when I first brought my business online and let metell you why because you're not capturing any leads see if we choose to send people to areplicated website or not capturing their name we're not captioning capturing theiremail so then we can never follow up with these people and really whathappens is people have such a short attention span is that they're going tobounce off the page within 60 seconds so within one minute if you didn't catchtheir information that might be the last time that you could ever hook up withthat person to make a sale or roll them into your business and that's lostbusiness and it is lost money right so this really is the number one struggleat people have in the network marketing industry is learning how to generatetheir own leads now I know that when I started out Iknew that I wanted to come online and figure out how I can generate my ownleads I knew there was a way I knew peoplewere doing it and that's what this is all about so what's the solution how canwe continue to grow our business well it's called attraction marketingand simply put this is where you actually lead with value and you becomethe hunted in the marketplace because the more valuable we can become the moreproof value that we can provide to people the more valuable we become andin turn people will start seeking us out to work with us and i can tell you I'vedone this and it works and if you implement this strategy you can startgetting results in your business doing it this way too so I'm going to schoolyou guys real quick on some internet marketing stuff that you can use to growyour network marketing business we start with a sales funnel and a salesfunnel is crucial and it's not even an option if you want to start growing yourbusiness online this is how we actually can automate ourbusiness alright so this is a way that we can nowstart making money while we're doing the things that we enjoy so while we'resleeping while we're traveling or spending time with friends and familyalright that's automation and that's using the power of the internet so letme walk you through how this works a little bit so instead of sending peopleto a replicated website we now send them to a capture page where we can actuallycapture their information right so now we can follow up with them and thisactually does a couple of things it builds your list and it builds curiositysee if you're not posting on facebook anymore just spamming your links out ofyour company and your products if you're able to do in a different way whereyou're providing value and creating curiosity at the same time you're goingto get better results in your business i guarantee it and then what happens is you're going totake them through to a capture page or beyond your capture page to a Thank Youpage alright and what happens here is you'reactually giving away free value it's got to be valuable on the backside of thecapture page on your Thank You page this is the reason why people will comethrough your capture page and give you information now that this is also verycrucial right here because this is where you're building a relationship with yourpotential your prospects or your potential teammates or clients rightbecause we know that people don't join businesses people join people and if wecan establish that know like and trust factor we're going to start building ourbusiness and getting better results inside of our business and then the last thing is what we do isthen we bring them to a sales page after we've built some report all right nowthis is where you can promote your product your service your company if youwant to promote your company to get enrollment into your company so i hopethis really makes sense and if people even decide to opt out after the capturepage you're still able to follow up with them all right because you capturedtheir email so this is really the essence of internet marketing so if youwant to start bringing your business online this is something that it's not even anoption you have to start implementing this stuff alright so what's the benefit ofmarketing this way and there's several well there's no more hotel meetings orthree way calls there's no more chasing people aroundanymore no more begging your friends and family to join you in your business andthis is really the biggest reason why I i started using attraction marketinginside my business it's a lot more scalable alright it's scalable you knowin a huge way because we're using the internet to put to put valuable contentout there and then we can literally become the hunted in our business now ifyou wanted to scale up without using the internet to grow your network marketingbusiness that would just mean you're gonna have to simply talk to more peoplebut there's no leverage in that there's way more leverage in using the internetso in overall it's more time freedom so i have up here some pictures of my wifeand i and some friends on vacation alright so we've gone on some vacationsbut here's the best part about marketing your business this way when I was awayon vacation my business didn't stop growing and you know that's somethingamazing is when you're on vacation and you know your those leads are stillcoming in you know you're you're still getting signups in your business evenwhile i was on vacation and that's all possible by using this strategy calledattraction mark think so you might be wondering okaythis this looks cool but can I do it can you actually do this and here's somethings that you don't have to have in order to do this you don't need to betechie 41 you don't have to know everything about marketing you'll betaught how to do it step by step and you don't have to prospect people you knowyou know that was one of the biggest things of why I wanted to start doingthis but here are some things that you do need to be if you want to start doingthis in implementing this and learning how to really take the next step indoing this is you need to be coachable and I know you've probably heard thatbefore but i'm telling you i have enough experience in this where I've seenpeople who are just not coachable they're not willing to learn so you've got to be up coachable andwilling to learn and you've got to be committed to your success i've also seenthis is where people they really want it but they don't commit to success andreally you can decide right now right now you can make the decision thatyou're going to do this because what I'm going to show you is a provenstep-by-step system that works it simply works right people are gettingresults i'm getting results but you have to be committed ok it's not overnight it's somethingthat takes a commitment and you've got to be willing to take action i see a lotof people also get stuck in learning mode you know because there's there'sactually quite a bit to learn about marketing your business online aboutinternet marketing but you can't just be a sponge and soak it all in withoutactually taking action on it you've got to be able to take action alright so if that's you this is for youso let's talk about a proven system that works here's what uh system stands wereactually stands for save yourself time energy and money right and you knowthat's what I love about the network marketing industry is that there aresystems in place that can now teach you how to build a business online how togrow your business online step-by-step you don't have to recreate the wheelthat's what I love about the network marketing industry and thetimes that were in is the technology we have available to us and i also lovethis this quote here from Les Brown you don't have to be great to get startedbut you have to get started to be great and you know that's so true I know when I first started comingonline and starting to build my business I I felt like I had something inside meand I wanted to be great but i have to actually start to have to start takingthe actions required to start seeing success so the thought alone of wantingsuccess is not going to be enough you have to take action on what you'velearned all right so listen guys if you want totake the next step in to start applying this step-by-step system that I've beendoing and that some other students in this community are doing to actuallystart getting results in their business using attraction marketing there's athere's going to be a link below this video go ahead and click that link andthen i will see you guys on the inside take care.

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is the New Internet Marketing Tool

Do you ever feel like you know just enoughabout Blogging to be dangerous? Let's see if we can fill in some of the gapswith the latest info from Blogging experts.

Blogging is a concept that started in late90s.

It used to be a way to comment an existingwebpage, an opportunity for visitors and readers to react or voice out one�s opinion on thesaid page.

What started as a single-sentence commentaryhas evolved into pages of personal take on just about anything and everything under thesun.

As it continues to move forward, online advertisinghas tapped into the blog�s potential.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use bloggingas an Internet marketing tool.


Blogging is simple.

The simplest way to get your piece on thenet is through blogging.

No skills are necessary� an average adultcan read and type, or at least click a mouse.

It�s like having a virtual piece of paperand you just write your ideas, experiences, new products, and hope that the truth behindyour articles comes out and entice your reader to also try your product.

If you have a PC and an Internet connection(who doesn�t?) then you can blog and advertise.


Blogging is authentic.

In this day and age where advertising saturateour lives, we question the credibility of promoters� claims.

However, in blogs, real people share theirreal-life experiences, unscathed by paid advertising.

Reading blogs about first-hand product useis like talking to people about their first-hand experience.

You definitely want to buy a tried and testedproduct.


Blogging is free.

Because blogging is yet to be proven as amainstream online advertising media, most sites see it as something to augment currentmarketing tools and thus offer it for free.

Any opportunity for free webtime is definitelya bonus especially to businesses that are starting up.

Needless to say, paid blog pages can generatemore income for your seriously growing business.


Blogging builds credibility.

As you get more and more into writing yourexperiences on a particular product or industry, your readers come to realize that they candepend on your posts for their own information needs.

As such, you become an expert on it; as aconsequence, more readers visit your site and more bloggers link to your blogs.

As companies and professional organizationsnotice the growth of your readership base, they may soon get in touch with you for advertisingon your blog page, or make you an affiliate, which pays for every referral generated fromyour blog site.


Blogging builds your market.

Unless you are a Hollywood star, chances are,only your Mom reads your posts.

Mom has a lot of friends, so she lets herfriends know how interesting your blog site is.

But you need not depend on Mom to increaseyour readership base.

Look into the following ways to build yourmarket through blogging: Knowledge can give you a real advantage.

To make sure you're fully informed about Blogging,keep reading.

-By using your e-mail.

Today, blogging is overcoming the e-mail�spopularity in quickly and effectively reaching and expanding a market.

In this age of speed and quick access, loggingin and downloading e-mail is simply taking longer than clicking into a blog site.

Let them explore your site by using a shorte-mail message as teaser to your blog site.

If your e-mail is on an entirely differentsubject, use your e-mail signature to give a link to the site.

-By using subscription.

An easy way to get your readers e-mail isto give them an opportunity to subscribe to your blogsite.

Keep some exclusive information for your subscribersto entice readers to subscribe and give their e-mail address.

Just be responsible in using their e-mailaddress, as the last thing you want is a comment on your blog that you are a spammer.

-By understanding your readers.

Conduct a simple survey for your readers tounderstand their profile and advertising preferences.

Ask consumers to give you feedback on a post,an ad link, or a trial that you shared.

In this way, it is like interviewing yourreaders without the commitment and intrusion of a face-to-face interview.

-By joining a blog network �A network ofblogs maybe a collection of blog sites that share the same industry, interest, readershipbase, payment mode, etc.

Consumers find credibility and conveniencein clicking one link to several real bloggers about a single subject.

Clearly, more bloggers are better than one.

-By using RSS.

RSS is the fastest growing technology on theInternet today.

As such, having RSS feeds to your blog isdefinitely another means of generating awareness for your readership base.

Having a variety of feeds can add interestto your blog site.

Give your business a boost by effectivelyusing blogging as an Internet marketing tool.

When word gets around about your command ofBlogging facts, others who need to know about Blogging will start to actively seek you out.

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How To Avoid Costly Internet Marketing Mistakes

People can earn a successful livelihood through Internet marketing.

It can also fall flat if you don't know what you're doing.

The success of any Internet business depends upon its online marketing.

Know how to avoid costly Internet marketing mistakes by learning the right way to market successfully.

Steps Make it easy for visitors to log on to your site or they'll go elsewhere.

Graphics may be awesome, but if they take forever to load, they're not worth it.

Check that your web server is quick and reliable.

Allow visitors options for viewing information.

Not everyone has PowerPoint or Macromedia's Flash on their computers.

List your web site with search engines.

People regularly use search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find what they're looking for.

Learn about — and use — search engine optimization for a higher ranking on search engines.

Look professional in all your Internet marketing.

Have your own domain name for your web site, blogs and other contact with visitors.

Make certain your web site looks professional.

Hiring a professional is money well spent.

Keep your web site current.

To market successfully, you have to stay current or you'll lose traffic.

Promote your online marketing sites constantly.

Monitor keywords and search engine optimization (SEO).

Stay up to date on marketing on line techniques.

Have your Internet marketing web site send visitors to specific product pages through your home page when they're looking for something specific.

Make it easy for visitors to take action on your web site, whether it's asking for more information or ordering an item.

Allow customers an easy way to contact you by email or phone.

Many sales hinge on answering a simple question promptly.

If you make things too hard, customers will just go elsewhere.

Make checking out quick and easy.

Keep customers satisfied.

A satisfied customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer can generate great word-of-mouth that other online marketers can't compete with.

Ask for email addresses to provide more information to customers.

Make certain they see the benefit, such as a subscription to a newsletter or sales alerts.

Make certain that your online marketing is sent through email only and by permission.

Stay away from companies or programs that use spamming.

You don't want to partner with anyone who violates the CAN-SPAM act.

Remain aware of your competition and their online marketing.

Avoid marketing mistakes by duplicating what's not working for others.

Consider using web site analytics programs, such as Google Analytics, to find out more about your web site traffic.

Stick with it.

Marketing successfully on the Internet takes time.

Tips Not using social networking sites can be a huge marketing mistake.

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Html http://www.



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Secret to Winning in Ecommerce Internet Marketing by Fortified Teams

(cheerful guitar music) – Hello, my name is Hien Quoc, and I have an important story to share.

But first, you should knowthis isn't my actual voice.

You see, I hired a voiceoverguy to better tell my story, and another professional tocreate this presentation.

I hired them to illustratethe entire point of the story I'm going to share with you.

You see, success isn't aboutyour capabilities alone.

You don't have to be goodat everything to succeed.

In fact, real success isabout having a good plan, the right system, and great teamwork.

And using some very simple principles, I'm gonna show you howI discovered the secret to greater financial freedom,to achieving success, and how you can earna living on your terms and in a way that fulfills your passions.

Now I know that soundslike a familiar pitch, but what I'm offeringisn't just a nice story, but an actual way that you can apply my hard-earned lessonsto your own success.

So stay with me for just a few minutes, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

You see, I started off like most people.

I went to college, I worked hard.

I earned a degree in engineering, bought a house, and started a family.

It was the American dream, and I thought if I didall the right things, then I'd have both happiness and success.

Five years later though, things weren't as I thoughtthey'd be, and one morning I found myself lying inbed, staring at the ceiling, realizing that for allmy hard work and effort, all I had to show forit was a lot of bills, and a $300 savings account.

Not only wasn't I getting ahead, I was actually falling behind.

And the more hours I putin, the more taxes I paid, so it seemed that more workwasn't the answer either.

You see, at the time, my onlymotivation was to earn money.

I thought that wouldsolve all my problems.

That if I just had enough money, that I'd be happy and fulfilled.

I came to realize that just earning money though wasn't enough.

You see, I discoveredthat with every increase, and every overtime dollar earned, the government took alarger share through taxes.

So I decided to study thetax issue a bit closer.

I knew I couldn't doanything about the tax code, but over and over I read thatthe secret to lower taxes was offsetting themwith business expenses.

And the only way to have business expenses was to open my own business.

Of course like many people,I had no idea how to find, open, or even run a business.

I imagined that it requiredthings like a storefront, equipment, product, and employees.

Plus, you needed the onething I didn't have, money.

Still, I knew I had to do something to get out of the endlessdebt loop that I was in.

So I started to read everything I could on starting my own business,and discovered that online stores were alow-cost way to get started.

It seemed like something I could do, and as an engineer, I likedthe idea of the process.

So I dove in.

Setting up my first storeplayed to all my strengths.

I went out and I learned about web design, electronic shopping carts, coding my site, and the various products I could sell.

But when it came to actuallyloading products onto my site and maintaining all thestuff you had to maintain, I started to get bored.

It just felt like my dayjob, and worst of all, I wasn't making any money at it.

I decided the revenue problem was that I just didn't know enoughabout SEO and sales.

I figured the best thing Icould do was learn those things.

So I abandoned my onlinestore for the moment and went into real estate.

My timing, of course,was less than perfect, as I entered the market in 2008, right as the housing industry crashed.

Two years later theonly thing I had learned was that I didn't like wearing a suit, chasing leads, and I certainlydidn't like still being poor.

But I needed to make money, and I was still interestedin being my own boss.

So I took over my parent'sbusiness, a small donut shop.

And I failed again.

Transferring the business,getting the building up to code, purchasing new equipment, it all landed me in $20,000 worth of debt.

And although the revenue plodded along, I just didn't have a passionfor getting up early every day and grinding out aliving that was no better and no more fruitfulthan my engineering job.

The idea that internet marketing and sales could be my answer hadstayed with me, though.

It seemed there were thousandsof people being successful.

I knew I just hadn'tfigured out the formula.

So I bought an onlinetraining course for $7, which I could barely afford, and learned about websitesales and affiliate marketing.

It seemed easy enough, so I got started.

The sales did trickle in,but not enough to inspire me, and barely enough to pay any of my bills.

Worst of all, however, I was again bored with the repetitive process.

Select a product, load a product, sell it, find a new product, and repeat.

I really thought the problem was me.

That maybe I lacked thefocus to be successful.

Needing money, and determinedto work on my focus, I took a job at a bullet factory.

I signed up for the most repetitive, tedious, boring process job they had.

12 hours a day, I made bullets.

It was mind-numbing.

But I thought it would help.

It did, but not in a way I ever imagined.

You see, I hadn't givenup on my online store.

With the little time I had, I started an onlinet-shirt and hoodie store.

I didn't have the time to do the research, the design, or the product maintenance, so I outsourced that stuff to other people that I had found online,who I could afford.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

While I toiled away at the bullet factory, my sales jumped to $30,000 one month.

Somewhere along theline, after 50 designs, we had discovered theone that people loved.

I realized that the lawof averages had worked.

If you stuck with something long enough, sooner or later, you find the winner.

The question I had now was,could that success be repeated, and could it be repeatedquicker than my first attempts? And the answer? The first thing I learned was that I needed to get out of my own way.

You see, the harder I tried to do things I didn't like doing, themore I slowed my own process.

I came to understandthat instead of focusing on my weaknesses, I shouldfocus on my strength.

The second thing I learnedthat was that being successful requires the help of others.

And the third and final thing was that behind every success story is a process, a process you can learnand you can repeat.

I wanted to test that last part.

You see, I always enjoyed helping others, and I was so excited bywhat I had discovered, I wanted to know if I coulduse it to help someone else.

I got my chance when I raninto an old friend at a party.

His story was like many people, and a lot like mine.

His wife was workingon her nursing degree, and he was trying to support them, but he had no money and a ton of debt.

When he told me he was payinghis rent with credit cards, I decided I would atleast try to help him.

I explained the process I had used, from setting up my store,to outsourcing the work.

He seemed eager, almostdesperate to try anything.

So we agreed to meet at my house, where I'd walk him through my process.

Within a few weeks he had his first sale, and with a few months, hisfinancial concerns were resolved.

It was a great feeling to help him, and as I build my ownsales to over $1000 a day, I kept returning to thehappiness and fulfillment I felt helping my friend.

I realized that money wasn'tthe real key to my happiness, it seemed that way onlybecause I didn't have enough.

But once I found success,I knew that my real passion was in teaching and helping others.

Those are the things that give my life purpose and fulfillment.

But to help others, I wantedto apply the same process I had learned with online selling.

That is, I didn't wanna helpjust one person at a time.

I wanted to reach asmany people as I could.

And that's the reason I decided to create my online training course.

And that is what I'm offering you today.

I really want to helpyou reach your goals.

I want to show you allthe things I've learned, and I know better thananyone that you want, probably need, a systemthat will work this week.

Not next month, not nextyear, but right now.

And I know, just like me and my friend, you probably don't have alot of money to get started.

That's okay, because I'm offering you my three video courses for free.

With the courses you'llquickly learn how to set up your fully-functioning store, seed it with the onething needed for success, and you'll learn how touse a virtual assistant to do all the heavy lifting.

Plus, I'm gonna share with you my secret to getting your virtualassistant to happily give up 16 hours of free help.

With this one secret, youcould hire up to four virtual assistants and get your first40 hours of work for free.

And the best part, myprogram will show you how to start selling in a week.

So don't wait, and don'tretrace all the hard, pointless steps I took.

Opt in and get started towardsthe success you deserve.

The only thing you need to invest is your email and your time.

So come join me, and I'llsee you on the other side.

(cheerful music).

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Blogging: one of the best Internet marketing methods that won’t cost you a cent!

Blogging: the act of writing in one's weblog.

To blog something is to write about somethingin one's weblog.

This usually involves linking to somethingthe author finds interesting on the internet.

A weblog is a public web site where userspost informal journals of their thoughts, comments, and philosophies.

So basically, a blog is an online journal.

A blog could be set up to no cost at all,and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging itself isn�t new at all, it�spopulary is.

Thousands of teenagers all around the worldsee blogging as an outlet for their emotions, their opinions and interests.

Smart marketers however, have discovered thatblogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won't cost you a cent.

Blogging for your Internet business is onesurefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services.

Find some tips to boost your internet advertisingwith the help of a blog below: * Keep your customers informed about changesto your website.

Important updates, like your new productsand affiliate sites, could also be announced through your blog * Use your blog as an archive: keep trackof your business objectives and plans through open writing.

What could be better than searchable informationthat could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the web, right? * Write reviews, give your opinion or adviceon on specific services or products that are related to your business.

* Be sure to include links that will fetchback links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines.

Affiliate links in the form of advertisementbanners could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.

* Add fresh and quality content to your weblogon a regular basis: search engines like fresh content.

*Post quality content articles to your blog.

Allow your visitors to reprint those articleson condition that the author by-lines remain unchanged, and the link url�s are left intact.

This way, links to your website will spreadaround the net.

* Encourage your visitors to leave commentsand feedback.

It�s the best way to learn and improve yourproducts/services.

* Exchange links with other bloggers.

In fact, when it comes to blogging, the skyis the limit.

Once you�re comfortable using a weblog,it�s up to you to get creative.

Add sound, video, eBooks, pictures, advertisements,.

and give your website the boost it deserves!.

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How to Work From Home Jobs Online 2017 and Make Money Full Time Online Internet Marketing Legitimate

how's it going my name is gene wolfe and I want to thank you to check it on my video and more than likely you're at this video because my video it has hit up in your search results and probably typed in like work from home or work at home,work from home,how to work from home, something in those regards right well I've been marketing online for eight and a half years now and I feel visibly for my first three and a half years are it wasn't without learn without failing that I did learn how to properly market how to work from home,how to work from home online,how to work from home legitimately,how to work from home in indian,how to work from home online 2017,how to work from home full time,how to work from home online in india, online how to make money from using the internet and how do you know basically do internet marketing period now I've done well over 250 thousand dollars in how to work from home and make money,how to work from home part time,how to make money online,make money online,internet marketing,home business,home based business,how to start a home business,work at home jobs,work from home opportunities, commissions and I did that in a very short period of time after my failure rate so is it is it necessary to fail yes it is very necessary for you to fail work at home lyrics,work at home jobs 2016,work at home jobs legitimate online,work at home jobs for moms,work at home jobs you can start today,work at home mom,work at home jobs no phone,work at home job opportunities,work at home jobs data entry,work at home,work at home assembly jobs,work at home amazon,work at home and earn money,work at home agents,work at home august 2015,work at home business,work at home business opportunities,work at home business ideas,online work at home business opportunities,best work at home jobs 2015,work at home customer service,work at home call center,work at home chat jobs,work at home companies, in order for you to understand how to succeed properly now the beauty of today compared to where I was eight years ago when i first came into internet marketing was that there's a big technology gap and transition in the industry so i went from being a part of a lot of different things that didn't have to type of technology we have today that speed up the process of allowing me to automate my business in many dif work at home call center jobs,work at home customer service jobs,work at home dad,work at home edu review,easy work at home,american express work at home,easy work at home jobs,easy craft work at home,hilton work at home,work at home institute,work at home institute review,work at home ideas,work at home in india,work at home in hindi,work at home in tamil,work at home jobs in india,work at home jobs no experience,work at home jobs 2017,craft work at home for kids,work out at home for kids, work at home legit,work at home legit work from home jobs 2015,legitimate work at home jobs,work at home mike,work at home mom jobs,work at home mom schedule,work at home mom routine,work at home non phone jobs,work at home no experience,work at home no recruiting,work at home no scams,work at home no phone,needle work at home,work at home online, different areas like marketing systems I automating my training to helping people and more importantly giving me a proper foundation to run a business from home where I can leverage my time better so work at home opportunities,work at home online jobs in philippines,online work at home in india,work at home paycheck,work at home positions,work at home phone jobs,work at home review,work at home revenue,work at home revenue review,sykes work at home review,work at home typing jobs,work at home transcription,work at home tips,work at home tutorial,work at home to earn money,work at home uk,work at home 2017,work at home 2016,work at home 2015,legitimate work at home jobs 2015,real work at home jobs 2015,legit work at home jobs 2015,work at home 5th harmony if you're one of those types of people you know you're really curious about making money online or working from home on you know there's a link in the description you click that link i can go check out my website and my system you can see a couple of the programs that i promote that are making me a lot of money and will make you a lot of money if you're an action taker when I say in action taker that means that you're you're the type of person that is not gonna you know I get all this information and do nothing with it you're going to actually take the how to work from home online,how to work from home legitimately,how to work from home online 2016,how to work from home and make money,how to work from home full time,how to work from home 2016,how to work from home effectively,how to work from home in import/export,how to work from home with amazon,how to work from home and stay productive,how to work from home,how to work from home and make money in india,how to work from home in india,how to work from home in canada,how to work online from home in india,how to work from home online in india,how to work from home uk,how to work from home 2017,how to work from home 2015,home business ideas,home business ideas and opportunities,home business ideas and opportunities 2016,home business whisperer,home business opportunity, information that you're taught take the information for that your coach and mentor that are going to teach you and going to implement it right so that is home business expert,home business ideas for women,home business tax deductions,home business success,home business fast start,home business,home business australia,home business a building start,home business ideas and opportunities in the philippines,home based business tax advantages,home movies business and pleasure,home business ideas and opportunities in india,home business success academy,a start home building business,home based business,home based business opportunities,home based business for women,home based 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helps a lot of different motivational content you can check out my playlist there it is a very powerful playlist not touching base on certain things that you know our key ingredients to have into proper minds that transitioning from what I call the slave mines that where you know this we rely so much on the system that we because that we no longer depend on ourselves to solve their own problems so I look forward to talking to you I not good luck with life and he prosper heavily in 2017 peace.

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