Belgravia Villas Condominium

Belgravia Villas Condominium in Ang Mo Kio Singapore is a rare investment grade cluster homes project to be launched this year. This new landed property is situated within mature estate of Ang Mo Kio in District 20. Belgravia Villas Condominium offers a cluster housing concept different from what traditional condominiums provide. Hidden among the Seletar landed housing estate. Belgravia Villas Condominium occupies a plot of land more than 200,000 square feet along Stratton Walk with easy access to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. This hottest cluster property project in Singapore will consist of 100 units of terrace houses and 18 units” semi-detached houses.

Cluster houses are strata-titled, uniformly designed landed properties that are built within an enclave with 24-hour gated security. The development is normally no more than three storeys and comes with communal facilities such as swimming pools, clubhouse, playground, guard houses, lap pool along with other outdoor activity infrastructure.

Cluster housing projects are preferred with buyers who prefer the bigger built-up space of landed properties but want to have condo facilities as well. Their own exclusivity means that purchasers can look forward to excellent capital appreciation and rental yield. Essentially, Cluster homes includes the private landed space of landed homes in Singapore as well as the facilities usually loved by condominium owners. It provides the best of types of private housing in a category of its own called cluster housing.

Belgravia Villas Condominium s going to be built by Fairview Developments Pte Ltd, a unit of Tong Eng brothers, a recognized and trusted developer in Singapore for the past 50 years Tong Eng Brothers specializes in building boutique homes which are more family oriented. Their recent projects include Tropika east, Three Balmoral and Poets Vilas, all highly appealing real estate for families. Tong Eng Brothers credentials came from the development of housing enclaves. By building housing enclaves, Tong Eng is being genuine to its roof of forging family and community bonds via shared communal amenities.

There is certainly several of school located around Belgravia Villas Condominium suitable for school going children of all ages. Well-known school include Rosyth School, Anderson Primary, Anderson Secondary and Anderson Junior College and Nanyang Polytechnic. For expatriates who are interested in Belgravia Villas Condominium, additionally, there are Chatsworth International School and Lycee Francais De Singapour located near the estate. Having International schools in close proximity also help to improve the rental yield of property.

Ang Mo Kio estate is in the middle of Singapore and well connected to main expressway such as Central Expressway (CTE), Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Tampines Expressway (TPE). Belgravia Villas Condominium is also between Yio Chu Kang and Ang Mo Kio MRT stations where the North-South line can bring you instantly to the CBD and town area. Addititionally there is the major bus interchange within the Ang Mo Kio hub for individuals who choose to take buses instead of MRT.

Residents of Belgravia Villas Condominium can also appreciate premium shopping at the malls such as Ang Mo Kio Hub and Greenwich V around Yio Chu Kang and Ang Mo Kio. They have established amenities such as supermarkets, clinics and wide range of shopping options similar to what the central areas offer. Take pleasure in the love and pleasure of multi-generation under one roof.

What Is A Home Mortgage Broker

Home Mortgage brokers are private entities that exist to match potential home buyers with banks. Mortgage brokers differ from loan officers in that the loan officer usually works for the retail banking side of the institution or bank. Mortgage brokers must be licensed through the states. Rules for this licensing vary by state.

Mortgage brokers must also be licensed through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry or NMLS. The purpose for the NMLS is to improve the process of mortgage lending and to increase communication from state to state. They also help to create consistency in regulations and automate the licensing process. While not required to be licensed through the NMLS, loan officers must register with the NMLS/

A study done in 2004 showed that 68% of all home mortgage loans originated through home mortgage brokers. The remaining 32% were handled through the banks directly.

Banks sometimes outsource to mortgage brokers to bring in qualified applicants and to remove some of the risk of fraud. Mortgage brokers generally will do their own advertising for new clients and are responsible should fraud be involved in a loan application.

A large segment of the mortgage and finance industry is commission based. This means, no loans, no money. And as such has become very competitive. As little as 40 years ago, brokers didn’t have access to wholesale markets. Today the access rivals the bankers and their lower overhead allows them to take a slimmer margin.

Mortgage Brokers in Canada are regulated by the provincial governments and must carry a provincial license. In Australia, Brokerages started to really appear in the 1980,s but gained popularity through the 1990’s. Australian brokers do not usually charge fees as they are paid a commission for starting the loan process and then a smaller commission percentage paid monthly going forward. Australian brokers are also regulated heavily by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Singapore is one of the newest players in the mortgage brokerage game and have adopted some regulation and licensing from the very beginning. But because it new, Many brokers slip through the cracks causing large gaps and discrepancies in the fee structures.

Being a Mortgage broker can be a very lucrative and rewarding profession. The challenge comes in being able to find creative ways to help potential homeowners finance their dreams. If you are interested in becoming a mortgage broker, Check with your state for licensing requirements as those requirements vary from state to state.

Steps To Consider Before Buying A Singapore Condominium

Each individual seeks out best of the methods by which they can save money and buy cheap condos in Singapore. Not only money saving tips people seek out rather, they seek out steps before buying a Singapore condominium. Before buying s condo unit, you have to know basic criteria and factors that will make your living smarter and safer. Buying a condo unit is quiet different and variant from buying a normal house. Where in normal house you do not have to check out for the norms and rules, but there are specific points that you have to keep in mind before buying a condominium.

While buying a condominium, check out for the norms and rules that the condo has set up for the customers. It is essential that you check out their rules and regulations & decide on whether you can live with the norms and regulation that they have set up. There are certain points that you have to ask with the condo association regarding what is allowed and what is not allowed. Do not think this way that everything is allowed in the condo unit. This may happen that you have a pet and at the end time you got to know that it is not allowed. There are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow.

The second point that you have to consider before buying a condo unit is to look for your budget. Singapore condominium may cost you higher and costly, so you need to have huge bucks before buying a condo unit. Whenever a person thinks to buy a condo unit, he has to think for the rules that re to be followed first and after this he has to think over for the budget. One should have efficient budget to have the luxurious condo unit and if you are planning to have it on loan basis, then there are certain aspects that you have to fulfill with the association of the apartment.

Well, it is essential for you to know that along with norms and budget, Lifestyle is an important aspect that has to be considered before buying a condominium. To live a luxurious life it is essential that you have to live smartly and in an organized manner. There are surely no restrictions when you are at your unit, but when it comes to the get-together or communicating with the neighbors, going with the rules and regulation, all have to be considered before you buy a condominium.

What You Need To Know About Singapore Condominium

Singapore condominium commonly known as condo is a multiple projects where individual units get sold. Buying a condominium unit means owning everything between the bars of that particular unit. However, you share the ownership of other common properties such as club house, elevators, swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium and other joint facilities with other owners of condominium.

In the recent years, many people are adopting the condominium way of owning a house. However, Singapore condominiums differ according to the market segments. Different people have different taste and also the financial abilities of buyers; fact well known by the investors.
There are the ordinary condominiums mainly situated in the suburban places but have good communal services. Such condominiums normally have average pricing to enable many buyers who wish to change from public to private housing. Under this group, there is another set of condos known as Executive Condominiums (EC). This is a combination of private and public housing which was created by Singapore government. These condominiums have a lower price compared to private ones in order to enable many people and especially the young professionals aspiring to own a house but find the price too high. However, there are some rules governing the Executive condominiums which include a minimum of five year occupancy duration by the occupant before being permitted to resell.
The other one is middle class Singapore condominiums. Basically, these are situated close to city fringes and other areas such as Tanjong Thu and Newton Novena. They are very popular because they are located close to middle of the city where entertainment and business hubs are. In addition, they have various types of themes which attract successful yuppies and professionals.

Finally, there comes the luxury category of condominiums which cater for people with good financial status. These types of condominiums are situated in the major districts such as Sentosa, Orchard Road and Keppel Bay. They are for people who do not only desire to own a home, but those with exclusive lifestyle which fits their status.

Investors of these luxury condos put all efforts to ensure that homeowner enjoys the best quality in regard to fittings, finishing and fixtures. TP180 is just an example you will need not ignore. Amenities and facilities are first class with modern architectural themes and designs which bring out the condos uniqueness.

Having a good understanding of various classes of Singapore condominiums will assist you in narrowing down your hunt. You dont have to waste much time looking for projects which doesnt fit in your budget. In case you are searching for a condominium to buy, it is very easy to know which group it belongs just be its location and also the investors way of advertising.

How Singapore Condominium Adds Value To Your Living

Singapore condominiums are famous for providing luxurious living to the people. Everyday many of the condos are launched and people get attracted to invest in those condos because life in condominium adds on value to their living. If you are searching for best of the condominiums in Singapore for investing in it, then there are lots of options from where you can select. There are many options where you can invest in, like Yishun, Daisy Suites, Tanjong Pagar Center, and many others. This is for sure that the life in condominium is the quality and luxurious life and it adds on value to your living. Following are the reasons that make the condo life different and tell you why it adds on value to the living:

Wide variety in amenities
The first reason that will add on value to your living is the amenities that the condo unit offers. There is wide variety in the amenities that condo offers, some of them are swimming pool, tennis courts, and highly furnished interiors, wide space in the rooms, spacious parking facility, gym, and spa, among several others.

Location is luxurious
If we talk about the location, then let us tell you that location is the prime thing that makes the life in the condominium a luxurious living. Condos are located in locations, from where it is easy to connect with the other locations of city & easily commute to the city centers, shopping, restaurants, etc. The close proximity to the city center and to major routes, allows you to reduce & save time and travelling cost.

No worries for the maintenance
Life in Condo is tension free as you do not have to bother about maintenance task. Without such worries, you can live a relaxed and peaceful life. The condominium association takes care for the exterior maintenance such as gardening, cleaning of the house, repairing, daily needs, etc. so you do not have to invest your time in this. Otherwise, in the normal houses or apartments, where there is no association or management to handle maintenance task, you have to take care of all such concerns and sort the problem yourself.

Safe and secure living
Last but not the least, people, who have invested in the condominium feel more safe and secure. Be it presence of the neighbors, or the complete day security, life is more easy and secured. You can easily leave your apartment vacant when you have to go for vacations, or work trips. Some of the apartments apply additional security features when they get to know that you are not at home, which provides extra and additional protection to the owners.

Does Real Estate Property In Singapore Presents Scope For Investment

Singapore presents an enormously growing real estate market and it offers plenty of scope for the international property buyers to make the investments. If seen from the perspective of futuristic property buyers, Singapore offers remarkable opportunities in real estate investments. The interest rates and SIBOR (Singapore Interbank Offered Rate) for the properties are quite low and this is one of the reasons why international property buyers are exploring Singapore market.

Whether it is about building the plush condominiums or flats, home planners are taking interest in the property market of Singapore. They have their own good reasons too! One of the objective reasons is probably to make the investments for future. There is no point in doubting that Singapore property market will grow at an alarming rate. The estimated ROIs from property investments are likely to witness exponential growth in times to come.
Property investments in Singapore should be seen as the long term investments. International investors should keep in their mind that the world economic scenario is changing, and this change will bring several benefits in Singapore property market.

There are 4 significant reasons behind the rise of property investments in Singapore. These include:

Efficient governance The government of Singapore is offering commercially viable surroundings for the international property buyers. The ease of investment together with possibilities of lending at lowest interest rates obviously gives buyers sound reasons to look forward to invest in the Singapore market.

Future growth investment- Singapore real estate market offers tremendous amount of scope for the future growth and development. If you intend to buy the investment property which is situated in the area where government has scheduled a plan for development, the property is likely to see the surge in value. Your investments will grow.

Options available – A prospective international buyer can think of investing in the shop houses, or resales, or new launches, Singapore market offers it to you. These options have given hope to the property buyers to grow their prospects.

Crowdfunding opportunities Singapore offers several Crowdfunding opportunities to the international property buyers. Investment options galore in the Singapore. If you are thinking of venturing into property investment, Singapore is indeed the best place to start with.

You need to think and work out the ways, which will help you to make the investments grow in value in Singapore in the times to come. Property market follows a cyclic trend and you will get maximum benefits and returns.