Barbados Luxury Condominiums – Attracting Wealthy Individuals

Barbados Luxury Condominiums are in great demand because Barbados has built an enviable reputation as the most attractive place to live and work in the Caribbean. The country has a vibrant economy, which operates in a very stable political and social setting, while excellent infrastructure and modern services are available across the island. It is no wonder that some of the wealthiest families in the world have built luxurious mansions on the islands shores, while many famous film-stars rent luxury condominiums or spend time in 5-star hotels like Sandy Lane Hotel every Winter. The attraction to Barbados is enhanced by the fact that these individuals can come and go without being hassled by the media or the locals. The weather is also beautiful during the Winter months, with temperatures ranging from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius in the day time and from 23 to 25 degrees Celsius at night. With the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side of Barbados, there is always a cooling ocean breeze to moderate these temperatures even further.

High-net-worth individuals quite often open International Business Companies in Barbados so that they can purchase real estate in the name of their company. This makes it easier to transfer ownership when it is time to sell and realize a handsome appreciation on their real estate investment. They just sell the company, which owns the real estate. Another advantage of Barbados is that all capital-gains are exempt from taxes and taxes on income for I.B.C.s are extremely low (ranging from 2.5% to 1%).

Barbados Real Estate Provides Good Return On Investment

Barbadian real-estate investments have returned a consistent 8 10% per year for the last twenty years. In the last few years, three new golf-courses have been developed with luxurious villas and fairway homes. The latest of these golf clubs is Apes Hill Club, which has been carefully planned so that each resident may take maximum advantage of the view atop one of the islands highest ridges. Many of the lots on this course will allow residents the rare opportunity to view both the West Coast and the East coast of Barbados!
The most recent evolution in Barbados Real Estate development is the rapid expansion of Luxury Condominiums and luxury villas. New projects are being developed on both the West Coast and the South Coast of the island. These luxury condominium-developments have become very popular because they provide common services such as:

Privacy with 24-hour-a-day security-services within a gated community.
Full-service fitness-centres.
Global Concierge management service.
Swimming pool and/or tennis courts.

Other special interests like boating can be satisfied by choosing a development within a marina.

Barbados Luxury Condominiums The preferred Locations

The most popular location is still the beachfront properties on the West Coast, where you can find splendid luxury villas and unique Luxury Condominium developments like Portico, which has won international awards for innovation and world-class quality. Other attractive areas of development include the golf-courses such as Sandy Lane Country Club, Royal Westmoreland Country Club, Barbados Golf Club and the newest luxury properties, which are now available at Apes Hill Club. There are also very attractive luxury-villas being built for those who have a particular interest in Tennis or Polo. There are now several Polo Clubs on the island also, which include luxury villas and the usual gated-community services and amenities that would satisfy even the most discerning individuals.

Several new luxury condominium-developments are also being built on the South Coast of Barbados. With beachfront property becoming very scarce on the West Coast, the demand for beachfront property on the South Coast has been growing rapidly. Some new condominium-developments have recently been completed and are attracting prices over U.S. $900,000.00. The value of these residences will appreciate over the next few years as the few remaining beachfront sites on the South Coast are developed.

If you would like to learn more about some of these exciting Luxury developments in Barbados, you can visit my website on Barbados Luxury Condominiums.