Hottest Residential Property Destinations in Pune

Pune, the second largest city of Maharashtra, is a perfect example that development is a byproduct of hard work and foresight. Pune is one place that has developed leap and bounds by turning all the once known rural areas into industrial townships and residential complexes. The development shown by the city is immense and today, it houses several residential and commercial projects. >

With Pune becoming an IT hub, many people have migrated from different parts of the country and have settled down in the city. Thus, the real estate industry has boomed and as a result there are some hot selling residential properties in Pune. Following are some of the hottest residential property destinations in Pune:


Kharadi is a township in Pune that has developed by leap and bound into a beautiful urban city. This is after it was a dismissed land in the last 10 years. Its situated in the eastern corridor of Pune and owning a property there has lots of advantages as its near to the airport and main areas such as Magarpatta City, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar etc.


Wagholi is definitely one of the promising hot property destinations in Pune and is developing quite excellently with the determined efforts of the locals as well as the Maharashtra government. Buying a property here would turn out to be a very good investment in the near future.

Viman Nagar

Viman Nagar has derived its name from the Air Force Station positioned nearby. Its growth rate is terrific as it is situated just a kilometer from the international airport and 6 kms from Pune railway station. It’s proximity to Kharadi and Magarpatta City is also one of the reasons for it to be known as one of the hottest property destinations in Pune.

If you are looking for real estate developers in Pune want to buy a residential plot then there are no better places than the above three.