Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning A Condominium

Condominiums, or usually known as condo units or simply condos, are beginning to become very popular among the people as well as one of the many popular Philippines properties for sale today. This is because, compared to owning a house, condo units are more beneficial, especially for those that have only started a family or for single (non-married) people. So what are the factors that made condos very popular Philippines properties for sale compared to buying their own houses? And what are its disadvantages compared to owning a house?

Advantages of buying a condo unit

One practical reason why condo units are popular is because of its location. Typical condo units Philippines properties for sale today are located on key parts of the country, such in business districts and other popular parts of the country. This way, people could get a chance to avoid and hustles of rush hour.
One key factor that made condo units popular is its easy maintainability. Unlike owning a house, condo units are usually maintained by paid staff of the condominium, making sure that every corner of the condo is properly maintained as well as the garage. For single (non-married) people, particularly those busy ones, would benefit greatly from owning a condo unit.
Compared to buying your own house, condo units are far less expensive. This makes it easier for small families to start on their own.

Disadvantages of buying a condo unit

Monthly fees
Unlike owning a house which is usually a one time payment, monthly fees are commonly required for people owing a condo unit. These fees are required to properly maintain the whole condominium, such as for repainting, maintenance, as well as for the wages of the maintenance and security personnel. Fees charged for the maintenance are different from one condominium to the otherwould usually range from 500 Philippine Pesos to 1500 Philippine Pesos.
Unlike owning a house, condo units are usually run under several rules and regulations, such as owning a pet or choosing what cable network or internet service provider that you want. Another is with renovations. Some condominiums require that tenants that would like to do renovations with their condo units would have to pass first with the committee or with the condominium board of members.
Not suitable for big families
Unlike houses, condominiums are much smaller, which makes it not appropriate for bigger families. Also, some condominiums don’t allow children on their units, as well as the number of tenants in one unit.