Buying A Makati Condominium

Nowadays, people are choosing to rent or buy Makati condominiums versus buying or renting a house & lot in nearby cities.

This can be attributed to the fact that most people prefer to live in residential spaces requiring less maintenance, and they favor the proximity of Makati to key establishments in business such as work, popular lifestyle spots, schools and medical facilities. Add to this the ease of transportations routes and quick accessibility to most cities in the Metro.

Pricing is a concern with everyone whos ever bought a property in Makati. However a lot of developers have managed to meet the expectations of everyone from the different sectors of society from the young couple starting a family, a working student whose only got enough to pay for his or her rental/amortization, or an ofw who worked hard for years on end and is about to make his very first real estate investment. Theres a variety of Makati condominiums on the market catering to the purchasing power of the Filipino people. Not only that, banks have made it easier for the simple Juan to make a loan without selling his soul to the devil to make his down payment & monthly amortization.

Material wise, one has to be discriminating with the materials, design and finish as said on the brochure or contract given to you by the developer. Unfortunately, there are still some Makati condominiums who promise this and produce that whatever happened to following through with your claims. That is the reason when you are buying a Makati condominium, you must settle with a reliable developer who wont run out on you when the first signs of problem in your property strikes.

Now whether you make buy your Makati condominium for investment or residential purposes is up to you. Mind you, rental per square meter in Makati is pretty high as compared to other cities in the Metro. If you aim to sell it after a few years, you might also be surprised at the market value of your property as Makati land values have risen a thousand-fold over the past 50 years.