Condominium Property Development- is it right for you

Condominium properties are selling these days and because of this, many people who are interested in property development are looking at whether buying condos is a good choice for them. While many condominiums are a good choice for you to buy and develop, others may not be. Here are a few things to look into when deciding whether a specific property is right for you.

Are new or existing condos selling better?
There are some areas where existing condominiums are selling better and more quickly than new builds are. In many areas, this trend is reversed. People are more interested in getting into a brand new property than they are one that has been around for some time. It is important to know which situation you are dealing with. You do not want to purchase an existing property and then find that you are unable to resell it when you are ready to move on.

As well, new builds can be difficult to develop unless you are willing and able to purchase several properties at once. Buildings that are being constructed are often customized to a purchasers specifications and preferences and this makes it difficult for you to move in and put your own stamp on a place.

Look at the fees and the financial documentation
It is important to know what you are getting into when purchasing a condominium for development. You need to find out what the HOA fees are. If they are too high you may have a hard time moving a property. Price can be negotiated but HOA fees cannot be. If the fees are very low, however, a homeowners association or condo board may not have enough money to pay for repairs to the building. This can mean that if large repairs (such as broken elevators or other structural issues) need to be performed the condo owners will need to pay the extra money to cover the cost. This is not a good situation and many real estate lawyers will warn buyers away from these properties due to the risk involved.

Rules and regulations
If you have found that existing properties are selling well and a condo board has a sufficient reserve fund in place it still may not be a good idea to purchase a property in some condominium complexes. You need to take a look at the rules and regulations that exist in the building. If there are too many or they are overly restrictive you may find that it will deter potential buyers from purchasing the property you are offering.

You also need to find out what rules and guidelines you will need to adhere to during a renovation. Is there a restriction on colors that you can use on the exterior of a unit? Are there time restrictions that may impact when and how you can work on a project? All of these things can influence the success of your property and so it is important to take them into consideration when deciding which condo you will ultimately purchase.