Condominium Vs. Condominium Hotels For Vacaton Home Ownership

Condominium hotels, also called condotels, are a comparatively new conception in vacation home ownership.

Quickly derive popularity, numerous condo hotels are now beingness built in Florida, Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, the Caribbean and many other locales around the U.S. and the world. To help instance the unique qualities of condominium hotels, here’s a look at how they compare with traditional condominium.


Condominium – The average condominium has a community pool and some common areas.

Condo Hotels – A condominium hotel has many of the amenities you would breakthrough at a quaternity- or quint-star hotel. In addition to a pool (or pools), there is in all likeliness an on-site eating house (possibly several), a couch, a full-service spa, a state-of-the-art physical sweat installation, poolside bar, etc.

The conveniences in a condo hotel are far greater than what you would typically breakthrough in a condominium.


Condominium – Condominium are usually sold unequipped. You may decorate your unit of mensuration of mensuration of measurement as you like, and you pay for all furnishings.

Condo Hotels – A condominium hotel unit is delivered to you wholly equipped, typically with high-end article of furniture, gadget and fixtures selected by a professional interior interior room decorator. All unit of measurement are decorated the same, more or less, much like hotel suite.

Condo hotel unit of measurement of measurement of measurement are present user-ready upon receipt. The cost for furnishings is included in the damage of the condominium hotel unit.


Condominium – You are responsible for your own housework and unit upkeep. Services are unremarkably limited to maintenance and perhaps security.

Condominium Hotels – You get daily housekeeping as you would in a luxury hotel. You have entree to room service, concierge services, care services and cheque-in services.

The vast majority of condo hotels are run by big-name hoteliers like Ritz Carlton and Hilton, the consummate professionals when it comes to client service. Most of the same services available at their high-end hotels are offered at their condominium hotels.


Condos – Condominium can be found in almost every major market crossed the country. Some condo developments are in holiday resort areas, spell others are not.

Condominium Hotels – At this time condominium hotels are only available in a smattering of locations, all of which are major holiday goal or highly desirable urban center, such as Confederate States Florida, Las Vegas and Stops.

Condo hotels are ordinarily reinforced on the most desirable pieces of land such as on a golf game game game course of instruction, overlooking the ocean or in the heart of a major city.


Condominium – Leontyne Price for condominium can start as low as $70,000.

Condo Hotels – Units start at $200,000, and most are well more. An oceanfront four- or 5-star condo hotel unit of measurement can cost $500,000 to over $1,000,000.


Condominium – You have the option of rental out your unit when not victimization it. Nevertheless, you are responsible for determination your own tenant, preparing the unit of measurement of measurement of measurement for those renters, dealing with any care issues that develop and collection the rent.

The condominium associations approval may be needful on tenant issues. You bread and butter 100% of the rental revenue.

Condo Hotels – All interior info are handled for you. When you ‘re not victimisation your condominium hotel unit of measurement of measurement, you simply place it in the lease programme.

Tenant would be found for you, and all aspects of the renters stay would be handled by the hotel management company. The entire procedure would be hassle-free people for you.

You would have a portion of the rent revenue, typically 40%-50%; the balance would go to the direction company. Because the condo hotel most likely is a subject or international hotel concatenation

(such as Hilton or Ritz Carlton), it has a worldwide gross sales force, multimillion dollar marketing run, loyalty programs, a centralized reserve system and a strong Internet presence, all of which advise that the places direction would probably have better success at keeping your unit lease than you would as an person condominium proprietor.


Condos Whether your condo will appreciate or deprecate depends strongly on its location. Because there are so many condos on the market, the rules of supply and demand frequently help keep leontyne price down. For the same ground, condominium can be difficult to resell.

Condominium Hotels Because condominium hotels are a comparatively new type of place investment, they are limited to just a smattering of locales crossed the country. The supply is small and demand is presently high and growing, all of which lend rapid and important appreciation.

Another factor to keep in head when reselling a condo hotel unit of measurement of measurement is that you ‘re merchandising not only the existent unit of measure of measurement of measurement but also the luxury modus vivendi that come up with an amenity-filled, high-service place.

Many condominium hotels are sold out in pre-building. Often the developers, sensing the high demand, will themselves raise prices many times before all units are gone.

For example, The Mutiny condo hotel placed in Coconut Meat Meat Grove, Florida was the first condominium hotel to be built in South Everglade State. From the time the developer began accepting deposits until it sold out in pre-building, there were nine price increases. People who bought early did exceptionally well.