Difference Of Condominiums And Townhouses From Houses

The number of house and lot for sale Philippines today have significantly increased due to large demand in the market. Although there are other types of housing in the Philippines other than the typical house, such as condominiums, and townhouses, many of today’s Filipinos are still opting to buy a house and lot of their own. So what is the difference of buying a condominium or a townhouse from buying a typical house and lot?

Owning a multi-unit dwelling
Condominiums and townhouses are considered in the industry as type of multi-unit dwelling, in which a unit is individually occupied. The difference between condominiums and townhouses is that condominiums involves owning a unit (one or maybe more, depending on the residents) in a floor while townhouses involves owning one floor in a building or a compound.

Although these types of houses are similar to a typical house in terms of ownership, in which condominiums and townhouses are individually owned rather than rented or leased compared such as the case for apartments, there are several differences between these two types of residential real estate.

Buying a house and lot for sale Philippines leads to the ownership of the house as well as the land it sits on. This type of ownership is mostly known as owner occupancy. Owner occupancy gives occupants the right to modify the building and land as they please. This, however, maybe subject to government, homeowner association, and deed restrictions. It also protects them from eviction, and creates a right to occupation which can be inherited.

Owning a condominium, on the other hand, can also be a form of owner occupancy. However, professionals have stated that condominiums are more likely to be a type of commonhold or strata title. This means an apartment or house is assigned to an individual, but common areas such as hallways, heating system, elevators, exterior areas, are are controlled by the homeowners’ association. This means that condominium owners doesn’t have the right to modify their condo units as they please or the land it sits on. This is also the case for townhouses.

Disadvantages of owing a house
Buying a house and lot for sale Philippines do have its advantages, there are also several disadvantages to owning a house. One is that most houses and the land they sit on are expensive, and the combination of monthly mortgage, insurance, and property tax payments is greater than monthly rental costs.
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