Five Reasons To Choose A Perth Mortgage Broker.

When you live in Perth, the most isolated city in the world, using local service providers becomes essential. Trying to call a Sydney office after two pm Perth time will get you talking to an answering machine and then getting the return call at six am the next morning. So if you value your sleep and dont want to go to bed frustrated at not being able to speak to your east coast mortgage broker read on.
The first reason to use a Perth mortgage broker is so you are talking to a professional who lives in your time zone.
The second reason is purely efficiency. A local mortgage broker knows the local laws, will have access to a network of other local professionals who can assist you with finding a property, conveyance and settlement. They can also liaise with lenders quickly in cases where more information is required and stop costly time delays which can effect settlement dates and potential penalties from being applied.
Third is why deal with a bank and limit yourself to only their range of home loan products? A Perth mortgage broker has access to around 30 lenders and all of their home loan products. Your Perth mortgage broker will work with you to find a deal that suits you, your lifestyle, how much you want to spend and investment choices.
Personal service is the fourth reason to choose a Perth mortgage broker. Your home loan can now be almost as individual as you. Your local Perth mortgage broker can work with you to sort through all the available loans that suit your circumstances and help you pick the lender and product that suits you. Just remember your mortgage broker doesnt work for the bank, if your mortgage broker cant find a deal that suits you and get you approved for it, your mortgage broker doesnt get paid.Flexibility is the final reason for choosing a Perth mortgage broker. Why be locked in with the same lender whos products no longer suit your needs? As your life changes whether kids, cars, holidays or even investment opportunities having a professional who knows all the products on the market can help you make seamless changes between home loan products. Why wouldnt you deal with the same people and end up with a better product?
Finally, Perth mortgage brokers are members of the local community so when you get your home loan approved with a local Perth mortgage broker the money stays in your local community. Perth mortgage brokers are proud
of local business and community groups. Just remember the more localised the business you support, then the more you support your own community. Who knows? Maybe your local mortgage broker can refer you business in return.