Living In Jakarta Condominiums

The capital city of the Republic of Indonesia – Jakarta, comprising Greater Jakarta, is a special territory enjoying the status of a province. Situated on the northern shores of West Java, Jakarta is the commercial and industrial center of Indonesia, apart from being the seat of both the national and regional government.

Due to its strategic location, Jakarta is considered the principal gateway to other parts of the country. Further, the city is well-linked by air, land, and sea. With its cultural richness and scores of attractions, covering state-of-the-art shopping centers and recreational complexes, Jakarta has, in recent years, developed into one of the most significant metropolitan centers in Asia.

Entertainment options are aplenty, ranging from discotheques and bars to cultural performances and films. Perhaps for these reasons, many foreigners, including westerners, prefer to stay here. Additionally, the cost of living in Jakarta is exceptionally low when compared to other Asian cities. For instance, comfortable small homes are available for rents as low as $1500 per year.

A lot number of accommodation choices are available for those who prefer to stay in Jakarta/Indonesia, such as single detached homes, apartments, bungalows, luxury villas, and gated communities including flats. Despite these options, nowadays there is an increased demand for condominiums or condo units in Jakarta.

Condominiums in Jakarta are quite different from other conventional housing choices, as they provide an alternative lifestyle, particularly for those who want to be independent and have their own dwelling place, which at the same time is affordable as well as convenient. Mostly, condominiums units in Jakarta come attached with a host of peerless facilities, such as, guarded parking areas, round the clock security system, clubhouse, swimming pool, and more.

One of the prime features of condo units is that they possess dual nature, ie, al though condo owners have complete control and ownership over their respective units, they have to share expenses incurred in connection with property’s common facilities such as escalators, lobbies, library, pools, passageways, and parking areas.

Also, when you decide to choose condominium as your accommodation option, it means that you have made up your mind to settle within a community of other condominium owners, who in turn become your instant neighbors. Each of the condo units or complexes within the property form a part of the unique community, and residents within it are required to comply with certain rules and regulation that have been made specific to a particular condo living.

Based on the tastes and preferences of people, condominium units come in a variety of forms such as condominium townhouses, condominium apartments, and freehold townhouses. Whether it is any type of condo unit, condominium units or complexes in Jakarta are mostly replete with amenities such as heating and air conditioning facilities, provision for hot and cold water, cable television, balcony providing superb vistas, and professional building management.

There are also high-end condo complexes complete with facilities including 24 hour on-site security system, intercom security system, coin-operated laundry facilities pool area with sauna and fitness areas, on-site office for property management, enclosed solarium with areas for social activities and gatherings, specialized areas for outdoor recreational activities, salons offering services of expert massage therapist and hair stylist, parking areas, and on-site workshop.

Living in a Jakarta condominium provides a plethora of benefits. The main is that it is a cost-effective choice, in contrast to other accommodation options. Another prime advantage is that it provides you to have access to common amenities and facilities such as fitness room, club house, swimming pools, and escalators. Above all, there is not any restriction or specialized law for owning a condo unit in Jakarta.

But, it is vital to take into consideration certain things, prior to choosing a Jakarta condominium as your housing option. In other words, a thorough investigation must be carried out before staying in a condo. The rules and regulations pertaining to condo units vary from condominiums to condominiums. For instance, there are some condominium complexes imposing restrictions in owning pets or using a particular facility. Hence it must be checked for. Nowadays, a plethora of real estate firms and expert realtors are in the scenario to help you find a condominium that go with your budget, requirement, and lifestyle.

Despite any challenge, living in a Jakarta condominium is regarded as a convenient as well as an invigorating place to live in.