No Income Verification 95% Mortgage Loan

Are you in need of a mortgage, but already know that you are going to struggle to prove how much you really make as a self employed individual, tipped employee, or independant contractor? Do you need your mortgage to be 95% of the value of the home on a refinance or a purchase? There are ways to get a no income verification 95% mortgage loan without much trouble. Here are the things you will need and why these loans will work for you.

First, you need to understand that a 95% loan means that if the home is worth $100,000, then you are taking out a $95,000 mortgage. This does not mean that if you owe $75,000 on your home that you are going to get a full $20,000 in cash out. There are fees to consider and you will probably get between $15,000 and $18,000 cash out on a refinance.

On a purchase, this means that you need 5% down plus fees or close to 7% or 8% down. This is not a very large down payment in percentage terms, and this will actually start you off with a little bit of equity in your home, which is a good thing.

Second, understand that to get a no income verification mortgage loan you are going to need very good credit. Especially to get 95% of the home value in a loan. Your credit will need to be pretty much spotless and at least a 700 fico score. You can get a lower loan value if you have a lower score, but anything below a 650 and you will really struggle to find anybody that will even consider working with you on a no income mortgage loan.

Last, you have to understand your situation. If you work a regular job and have for a long time, then you should not even be considering a no income mortgage. This means you have a loan broker or account executive that cannot get you done with a traditional program and wants to talk you into a mortgage you probably cannot afford. Do not allow this to happen.

However, if you work for tips, are paid cash under the table, or are self employed, then you probably have trouble proving exactly what your real income is. This is where the no income verification 95% mortgage loan is perfect for you and you should start with this type of program because it was build for you.

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No Income Verification 95% Mortgage Loan