Property For Sale — Profit And Motive

Property for sale occurs when the owner of a property wants to give up ownership to another interest buy selling the claim or ownership to that property. The motivation is usually profit or to simply gain additional income. An owner will place their property for sale, quite often, with a broker and advertisements will be placed to announce the intent to sell.

Property comes in different forms. The word itself can be attached to land. The land can range in any size and can be developed or undeveloped. The land may be zoned for a specific use, such as commercial or residential or industrial. The word may not apply to land, but instead a building or house or apartment/condominium. A person selling their apartment or condominium, like house or land, can advertise it as property for sale.

The majority of time when we think of property for sale we think of houses and condominiums for sale and occasionally land. Kinds of property most often advertised are residential units, houses and apartments. These advertisements can been seen in a variety of sources, such as newspapers, magazines, the internet and billboards.

The motivation for selling property varies. Profit is a key factor, but not always the driving factor. Profit may be a driving factor where the property was purchased as an investment and either it was allowed to sit for a period of time (months and years) and gain in value, or it was developed and then sold. Similarly, a house or condominium may have been purchased as an investment and years later sold as its value increased. Little might have been done to the residence; it simply appreciated in value as time went on.

The house or apartment may have been purchased and remodeled or renovated and then quickly sold for a profit, taking into account the cost of renovations and broker fees and taxes. This quick buying, renovating and reselling of a house is commonly known as “flipping a house.” This has always been a business practice where intelligent and savvy buyers have been able to make quick money. The process is getting more recognition now as more people have entered the business arena. Numerous successful flips in a years can lead to a generous income, some people making hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

Very often property for sale comes about by a person’s simple desire to move and change locations. Here profit is certainly an aspect desired, but not the main motivation. Depending on how long a person has lived in their property and how well they have maintained it and how well the surrounding neighborhood value as stood, they can stand to make a large profit. Homes sold tens of years later can increase in price by ten times or more.