Spanish Bank Offers Foreign Mortgages To Boost Property Sales In Spain

Solbank, part of Spains fourth largest bank Banco Sabadell, has announced it will provide mortgages for all property sales in Spain made through the Spanish Homes Network, reports property portal House Sales Spain (). Solbank specialises in foreign mortgages and has signed up to this plan by Spanish Homes Network (an initiative that was the brainchild of a Spanish business school) in order to help sell unsold Spanish property and boost the Spanish property market in general.

The Spanish Homes Network acts as an agent for tourist developers. Interviewed for Overseas Property Professional (OPP), its Managing Director Jos Manuel Luque stated: The main problem to be dealt with is not just the lack of trust created by recent real estate issues affecting Spain, but also the difficulty of finding finance for home acquisition, a problem that the signing of this agreement will help to alleviate. The widening of finance options is good news for those wishing to buy property in Spain and also for those selling property in Spain who will have a larger target market of potential purchasers.

The Spanish Ministry of Housing recently published reports that stated newly built homes on the Spanish property market rose 12% in 2009 and that an estimated 300,000 units are believed to be currently under construction, taking the total figure of unsold properties to around 1 million. Any news that will help to grease the wheels of the property market once more, and to help sell property in Spain, has to be a good thing for the country as a whole, a view shared by Solbank. Also speaking to OPP, Solbanks Cristina Prez Zarza was quoted as saying: Banco Sabadell through this partnership looks for a stream line of business for new customers which might need finance to buy their property in Spain. Sharing a similar set of values makes our partnership a natural and solid collaboration.

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