Start Your Own Property Portal Website With Aj Classifieds V3 Listing Software

The AJ Square pleased to announce the new release of AJ Classifieds V3. AJ Classifieds ME Versions the result of a combined effort by hundreds of individuals and organization. This diverse team has been working successfully together to make AJ Classifieds software most successful one with lot of features that are not only new to Classifieds, but also completely new to the world.

AJ Classifieds Micro Editions comes with six different products such as: The scripts will be known as AJ Classifieds Micro Editions (ME).

* AJ Classifieds ME : V3
* AJ Classifieds ME : Real Estate
* AJ Classifieds ME : Automobile
* AJ Classifieds ME : Jobs
* AJ Classifieds ME : For Sale
* AJ Classifieds ME : Services
* AJ Classifieds ME : Personals

The highlight of these software are

1. Micro edition, specifically to application domain, ie., specialized classified script for Real estate.
2. Completely Object Oriented. Developed using AJ DF framework
3. Scalable
4. Secure
5. Highly intuitive user interface, ensure the good user experience
6. Complete Admin Control

Creating the Own Classifieds Site Software on AJ Classifieds V3:

AJ Classifieds V3 is a professionally developed PHP Classifieds Script that was build with you – the site owner – in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. Whether users wish to run classifieds for real estate, automobiles, for sales, jobs, personals and services, our product is the right package for you.

AJ Classifieds V3 is the product for a complete Classifieds V3 Listing Software Script. It is customized and ready to go for your Classifieds V3 Classifieds software, rentals web site, independent agent site, or the Classifieds V3 Listing of your brokerage or agency web site. Create Classifieds V3 Web Sites – The Classifieds V3 PHP Script Software of AJ Classifieds is specially designed to handle the unique requirements of a site devoted to Classifieds V3. Highly user friendly and rich in excellent features once required for Classifieds V3 property selling business.

Our goal is to help Classifieds V3 Brokers and Agents, use the internet to strengthen their professional image, as well as helping users to achieve an advantage over competition. No other medium has proven a more effective resource to the Classifieds V3 or mortgage industry when utilized correctly than the Internet.

Classifieds V3 management software is the most advanced, flexible and complete TurnKey software for creating a Classifieds V3 Listing Site. Our php Classifieds V3 classified script allows Classifieds V3 agents to create their own sales platform. Home buyers can browse available properties for free.
AJ Classifieds V3 gives you a running start, with a website that is very simple to set up. Your site will provide you with some of the most advanced web marketing tools available. Agents can quickly create a web presence with the elegant look, flexibility, and control of a more expensive and painstakingly built web site.
Start your very own HIGHLY profitable Classifieds property portal today!