Why Buy Property In Gurgaon Now

Why to buy property in Gurgaon now? This is the confusion confronting many prospective investors Gurgaon property in India. And a good number of these investors are non-resident Indians (NRI). There is a plethora of confusions and contradictions that pave way for such apprehensions. However, the primary reason for this conundrum is the recent recession and its resultant repercussions reflected in the real estate sector in the country. As is widely known, the recession is a global phenomenon and no economy in todays world can remain unaffected and aloof from its sway. Noticeably, it is widely felt that the slump that emanated from global recession is evening out in the Indian context and it augurs well for the property investment in Gurgaon. Hence, it is a matter of bare horse sense to identify the opportunity and spot the best properties which can fetch a good value addition in the coming future.

Why I say this is the best time to buy property in Gurgaon is because the sway of the recession is not fully over and the real estate sector is still in a sort of stagnation. In this commiserative milieu, prime properties can be got at rates at which you may not be able to acquire in the near future. The Gurgaon property market will recoup from the slump within a short while and the prudent investor should have made his purchases by the time and be ready for resale at higher prices. There is another dimension to this perspective. Indian real estate industry is undergoing a metamorphosis where new macro-economic and sector-specific factors are catalyzing new market equations. Further, in the opinion of international analysts, Indian estate sector is going to enter a growth phase in the coming years. Jones Lang LaSalle, the internationally well-known investment and property analyst says: economic recovery during CY 2010-11 is likely to reinvigorate the interest of foreign investors in Indias Gurgaon real estate market. We expect enhanced capital inflow in the real estate sector in the medium-to-long-term.

I would with abundant confidence reiterate that any apprehension as to why buy Gurgaon properties in India now is out of place. As aforesaid, the projected growth profile in the national income of Gurgaon in the coming years will have a direct link to the growth in the real estate sector. Also, it is estimated that 10 million residential units of the middle-income-level will be in need in Gurgaon in the coming years. This new demand is chiefly due to the interest of the middle-income-level segment in the wake of price-stagnation of the recessionary phase. Also, the hike in payment for Government employees and better pay-scales in the private sector have augmented the demand for residential units. This aspect will have a direct and salutary effect in the property sector.