Window Cleaning and Property Maintenance

Window Cleaning & Property Maintenance Advice

Keeping your home or investment property well maintained through all four seasons is important to any homeowner. Regular upkeep of your investment can help to maintain or even increase your investments value and save you a lot of frustration.

If you have ever walked by a property who’s owners or tenants are not keeping it well maintained then you will know how quickly they can become an eyesore and cause the owners time, money and grief: over grown gardens, mould & mildew, filthy glass, out of control hedges and more. This can be a real challenge for owners and an eyesore for neighbours.

At Partners In Grime ( we have learned the key to property maintenance is to do it early and often.

Here are a few critical areas for owners to pay attention to when it comes to the maintenance of your home or investment property.

Windows: Keeping your windows clean of dirt, grime and hard water spots is key, if you fail to do so not only will you not be able to see out of them but they could also harbour germs. Your window frames also need special care and attention, mould can build up quickly and spell disaster for you window frames and the hygiene of you house.

At Partners In Grime we are equipped with all the professional window cleaning tools needed to create crystal clear windows at your residence or place of business. We work quickly and efficiently and can incorporate this service within our daily clean included in our flat rate.

At Partners in Grime we have years of experience getting the most difficult windows sparkling clean. When your windows need a good once over to get them back to an original state it’s always better to call in the professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to carry out the job quickly & safely.

A professional window cleaner will also have the knowledge, tools & best array of products to get your windows sparkling. If you have particularly high windows then Partners In Grime have water fed poles which can clean windows up to 7m.

When looking for a window cleaner reputation is key. Please have a look at our website and in particular our guest testimonials which will give you piece of mind in know your home or investment is in good hands.

Thank you,

Aaron Murphy