When renting a property, what does DSS stand for

It stands for Department of Social Security. It basically means that the landlord does not wish to accept tenants who are in receipt of benefits (i.e. Housing Benefit) from the government. This was the old name for the Dept. of Work and Pensions; and “No DSS” basically means that if you’re on the dole, don’t bother applying. If you do not receive Housing Benefit, are employed and can pay your own rent in full, it is unlikely to be a problem for you. Many landlords do not accept DSS. It is unfortunate, since not everyone that receives benefits is a ‘dole scrounger’. It’s actually quite ironic – since those who get their rent paid by the government are far more likely to pay in full and on time than some others who can supposedly afford the rent! The department of Social Security (DSS) is responsible for most of the help for people with disabilities. Responsibility for making policy lies with the DSS. This includes setting the framework of policy objectives and resources for the delivery and administration of social security benefits. Having trouble looking for dss properties? We source have landlords that will accept housing benift tenants all over london.hat will be your tenant for 1-25 years? Our company established in 2002 has assets, full set of company accounts, bank references and references from other landlords. We will guarantee rent will be paid every month on time without fail.DSS ACCEPTED is the new, quick and easy way to search online for all the latest DSS ACCEPTED property listings. In Dss accepted We guarantee property hand back in a similar condition subject to fair wear and tear and if you want to sell it, we will sell it for free with our partner agency. We can offer fully managed solutions or a custom solution whatever you want. This should be your one stop property investment shop. We can help with finding legal aid solicitors and fight rogue landlord. We will do all the serving of notices, court paperwork and instruct baliffs for free (courts and baliff costs separate). As long as you sign us up as a long term tenant on vacant possession. We will even pursue your old tenant for monies owing for free! Also we offer No Deposit, Flexible terms, No Agency fees, no renewal fees, no checking in/out fees,100% rent covered, Help with forms and tenancy, No Gaurentees, No References.